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Under review

AVATAR images on mobile takes too long to load

jiegomojica 10 months ago in Mobile • updated by jeff 9 months ago 1

Noticed slow loading time in chat caused by avatar images loading too long. Hope you can look into this.

Under review

Downloading Files in Mobile

jiegomojica 10 months ago in Mobile • updated by jeff 10 months ago 1

Is there a way to download files in mobile from inside the app? Right now, when we click on files, it automatically launches the default browser and opens the file there. It's a minor inconvenience but would be great to have the option of downloading from inside the app.


Allow users to change the font face

Joseph Banass 10 months ago in Chat 0

It would be nice if users can choose their own font face. I've noticed on some occasions that the default font can be "thin".

Under review

Notice of user typing is now gone

Austin Best 10 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 10 months ago 5

Prior to the last update, when the user you had open was typing a message, you would see a little moving icon next to their name AND you would see some "ghost" text in the window that said something like {USER} is typing a message...

Well now the icon is there however that message that shows someone is typing is removed. Is there a reason for this? Accident (I HOPE!)?

Under review

Post links without preview.

martin.tran 10 months ago • updated by jeff 10 months ago 1

Post links without preview. I know, I can add text before and after as workaround.


IP address visibility

Doodle 10 months ago in Admin • updated by Austin Best 10 months ago 1

Please make IP addresses visible to admins. We are a group of strangers with a common goal. The only way we can prevent people from making multiple accounts is if admins are able to see their IP addresses since - new email addresses can easily made using webmail.


Cant view failed webhooks

Austin Best 10 months ago in Desktop • updated 7 months ago 6

It shows an information bubble with the number of failed hooks, however what is the point if as a developer i cant see WHY they are failing??

This is rather critical since there is very little to no documentation of this new feature.

Under review

Task bar icon?

Rayzback 10 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 9 months ago 1

When Ryver windows application is NOT minimized an icon should appear on the task bar. I can't seem to drag and drop to a post and can't get Ryver to the foreground from the ^ overflow while holding on to a file. Maybe it's just me or Win10? :)


Rate a comment or message (like the Upvote/Downvote mechanic in posts)

Joseph Banass 10 months ago in Chat • updated 10 months ago 1

A great feature would be to let users rate comments or messages in a private team or open forum. This can be great, especially for Q&A so that the proper "answer" stands out more.

Under review

Draft/Publish support for posts

emily_moran 10 months ago in Posts • updated by jeff 9 months ago 1

This would be SO helpful! I too often have multiple in-progress posts at a time, so being able to save as a draft (if not have the autosave like gmail) would be very valuable.

Additionally—and please let me know if this should be a separate post?—I'm wondering if there is a way to even mark certain posts by stages that are only accessible by specific team members and/or user level?

For example, I have a "Can You Help Me" forum where I make posts of open tasks and positions for volunteers. For a while I was posting even lose concepts of teams/positions in there with a note in the description that it would be "fleshed out later."

While the forum is open to everyone on my team, I sometimes work on the development of certain position descriptions/task structures with 1-2 team members.

At the moment, I created a separate private team and copy/pasted in those that weren't fully developed. But if there was some form of gradation like Draft/In Review/Published, with the ability to dictate who can see what level (if not by individual than maybe by Guest vs Member vs Admin, it would save a lot of workaround time.

This of course may be totally negated if the ability to move posts arises... Then I suppose having a "in the works" team or something could work... but would still be more functional the alternate way.

Again please let me know if I should make this a separate post (excepting the 1st 2 sentences) ;D

Under review

See the Forums a user is in

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 10 months ago in Misc • updated 9 months ago 2

Exactly how you can view what Teams you share with another user, have the option (at least as an Admin) to view what Forums a user belongs to.

Under review

link target

Timothy Reichle 10 months ago • updated 9 months ago 6
Under review

Unread count per team/forum

Frederick Kuhne 11 months ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 9 months ago 3

It would be useful to have a count of unread items as a prefix or suffix on the team/forum name.

Ie. <UnreadCount><TeamName>

Under review

Batch cleaning of messages in a chat

guijarrelson 11 months ago in Chat • updated by jeff 9 months ago 1

Sometimes, it is neccesary to clean the messages from a chat to focus in.

Add an option to batch delete messages could be a great feature.

Under review

3rd Party Organizations via in app Ryver-Web-Browser

jake 11 months ago in Integrations • updated 9 months ago 2

So I have a marketing idea in the end, but really its a functionality and efficiency thing too.
I wonder if it is possible to have an organization from another company in the organizations list.

What it would take is a browser like window in Ryver. I currently have 3 Ryver organizations.. a couple elsewhere.. leaving them nameless. So I see it as an attractive venture to have other 'circle shapes' here in the list which opens a browser in the main window. You would set the settings up for the organization as a url, then you simply go through the motions of that platform as if you had logged-in on the web. This way the information pipeline is not managed by Ryver, all Ryver has to do is make sure it has a working web browser.

Result: All 5 of my organizations in one platform in one list. Since Ryver is free, it may be a tool to help secure the new user that is on the fence due to having too many platforms between social/professional organizations.