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Ryver integration with IFTTT

Daniel B 4 months ago in Integrations 0

Please integrate with IFTTT. Zapier is ok, but I much prefer IFTTT. Thank you!

Under review

Start a google hangout with /hangout like in slack.

Kris Nye 1 year ago in Integrations • updated by CARLOS - EL COACH 2 months ago 2

And then have a link to the hangout invitation added directly to the chat.

In slack I just type /hangout

In ryver you have to
click ...
click profile
click hangout


Provide integration with RSS feeds

Bill Gravelle 1 year ago in Integrations • updated by jeff 12 months ago 2

I know you initially encourages this integration via Zapier. We're using this successfully for a few feeds, paying only the Basic monthly fee to Zapier. However, I'm looking to integrate feeds from a wiki that would require me to add several dozen more API definitions - that would increase our monthly fee within Zapier considerably.

Is there any way that Ryver can provide this integration directly - or is there an alternate service that would be less expensive to aggregate many RSS feeds - or is there some programming solution available through the Ryver Developer APIs?

Please help - thanks, *bg


Post from Gmail to Tasks with Chrome Plugin

raum12 5 days ago in Integrations 0

The Ryver Chrome Plugin currently lets you post to forums and teams from within Gmail and other websites.

It would be very useful if you could post as a task from within gmail. So that I can basically pin any email quickly to Ryver into my task list.

There are many plugins that let you create todo lists from gmail emails but having this connected to Ryver with the plugin would be great, possibly even having a menu item in the Gmail menu directly such as "Create Task in River..." or something like that in each message.


Outgoing webhooks

Giovanni Beltrame 1 week ago in Integrations 0

Add outgoing webhooks so that for example one can have a "Reports" forum and every post can be exported and converted in a corporate friendly format.


Ryver Integration with GURU

Ben 3 weeks ago in Integrations 0

We use Guru (https://www.getguru.com) for Knowledge Management.  Slack allows us to use /Guru and ask for anything we need to know (/Guru SearchTerm).  We would like RYVER to have that capability too.


IFTTT (Zapier Alternative)

Corvin Adkins 4 months ago in Integrations 0

Please integrate IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/discover) as another integration method apart from Zapier.  IFTTT is free and supports even more items. 


Webhooks not updating

Austin Best 4 months ago in Integrations • updated 8 hours ago 1

I had a webhook that was showing when it was last run and last failed. However it no longer is updating. It appears ever since i edited it, it stopped keeping track. As seen in the attached, it shows last success was 9/8 however it has posted at least 10 time successfully today (9/14) and multiple times through the week as well.


Integrate Ryver Chat inside a site

HugoDias 6 months ago in Integrations 0

I would like to integrate Ryver personal chats inside my website. The idea is to use Ryver to communicate with my site users inside my website. Each user would only see the direct conversation with the site admin and the general forum chat. Would you consider this in the future?



kg 8 months ago in Integrations 0


UserEcho has Slack integration. I tried to use it to integrate with Ryver. Apparently the message syntax sent by UserEcho slack integration is not supported by Ryver. I have created slack webhook in Ryver and feed it to UserEcho and it did not work.

This is strange for me as you are also using UserEcho as customer support portal. Please revert with your comments