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jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated 11 months ago 37

Currently, any member can create Forums or Teams. As an Admin, I would like to be able to limit who can create Forums and Teams. Especially Forums, which are visible to all other members.

jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Richard Lynch 6 months ago 20

As an Admin, I would like to be able to see all teams in my Ryver account. Currently, I can only see the teams I have created, or am a TEAMMATE on.

Andreas 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Pat 3 months ago 21

I think a feature for exporting all your data would make new users feel more comfortable committing to a product such as this so that they know they will not get completely locked in. It could also be useful if you want to be able to analyses your data for example to see how Ryver is being used.

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 11 months ago 14

Currently users can only be Deactivated, but not removed. Please enable account deletion/removal.

Nathan Joel Waters 2 years ago in Admin • updated by ChrisD 10 months ago 8

Currently there is only the elevated "admin" accounts. For some communities that may be fine, but for many, there needs be at least one more higher account for managing admins. This allows the Account to be managed by multiple individuals, the admins, but ensures that ownership of the account is retained by select, trusted individuals. A teammate and I tested this out and though I had created the account, as another admin, he was able to revoke my admin rights and deactivate my account.

jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 8 months ago 11

Would like to generate a URL that can be shared on a web page or via email, which people can click to join my Ryver account. Would like to have control over which email domains are allowed.

jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Charles 7 months ago 4

Would like to show a custom display name rather than the all lowercase URL subdomain Ryver account name. Would also be nice to have a custom avatar for the account.

ChrisD 11 months ago in Admin 0

I see many ideas being submitted around increasing Admin functionality, but this one is quite specific. As a 'super-admin' I'd like to give rights to a Member to manage their own Forum, and have the same rights over their Forum as I have over all Forums. ie. Be able to sticky posts, edit other peoples' posts, delete posts, within a single Forum.

Under review
jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Zack 8 months ago 6

Would like to be able to map <OurAccount>.ryver.com to something like chat.<OurOrganization>.com and point our users to that URL.

Under review
ferril samal 1 year ago in Admin • updated by jeff 9 months ago 4


I am part of the core team of India's largest student run cultural fest. We have a team of nearly 500 students for organising with 11 sub departments and 5 levels of organisation. There is a lot of inter-department relationship both on line and offline. For this finding people using their department and organisation level is necessary. Also there are certain personal details that are necessary (like room number and college ID) that we need to reach them on line and offline and for bureaucratic reasons. I suggest you add a feature to create a custom profile information form when the primary owner creates the team. Also when inviting team members allows admins to fill in the organisation level. It is similar to the profile information available on the enterprise version of outlook. This makes team building on ryver so easy. The alternative we are currently using is to hack the "role" field for this purpose. But it is not an elegant solution. Also our team-mates have to instructed to type the role in a certain format. Enforcing standards is very difficult especially when number of team-mates are large.