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Under review

Block file transfer feature

swamynathan natarajan 2 years ago in Admin • updated 2 years ago 2

some companies including mine which prohibits file transfer for hipchat and slack. a feature to disable this would be gr8 to onboard the enterprise customers


Manage Team UI resetting view

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Admin 0

When attempting to use the "Manage Team" UI on a private team (I have not tested open forums), when trying to view other menus, occasionally the UI will reset itself to the "teammates" view automatically.


Permit change of organization name

Edward 4 months ago in Admin 0

I'd like to be able to change an organization name, which is something you can do on Slack, but appears not to be possible on Ryver.

Maybe our situation is unusual, but we're likely to start a group with a working name. One of our first tasks will be to agree a new name. To do that we'd have to set up an organization for the initial discussion about a name, and only start other discussions after we've set up a new organization with the agreed new name.

Incidentally, I found it very difficult to find the option to change the organization display name. I stumbled across it, but I can't find it again.


Import a list of users to a team

pweiss 5 months ago in Admin 0

We create teams often - is there a way to import a list of users into a team instead of adding them manually? Forexample, upload a text or excel sheet into the invite section of the team?


New registration / Admins in Direct Messages

Charles 8 months ago in Admin 0

Upon registration, new users/guests/members should see admins listed in DM. Currently, they only see Eddy. Still not convinced to have a mere robot on board. It should be an option that admins can enable/disable.


Invite Members for limited time ? 1month, 1year ...

MyNameIsMJ 9 months ago in Admin 0

It is VERY important for me if you could implement the possibility to invite Members for a (definable) amount of time ... they would be Member for 1 month, 1 Year ,,, and after this limited amount of time, their Membership status could be downgraded to simple Guests ... Or they could be deleted (the admin could choose with a preference...)

Thank you !


Enhance User Search in Manage Users

jiegomojica 12 months ago in Admin 0

Search in Manage Users not capable of looking at all permutation of searched user name. Right now, you need to know who you're looking for. If you're not specific enough, search comes out with NOT FOUND. I believe this enhancement will be very helpful to administrators who regularly deactivate users from the organization.


IP address visibility

Doodle 12 months ago in Admin • updated by Austin Best 12 months ago 1

Please make IP addresses visible to admins. We are a group of strangers with a common goal. The only way we can prevent people from making multiple accounts is if admins are able to see their IP addresses since - new email addresses can easily made using webmail.


Complete list of allowed forums for each Guest in ellipsis

jake 1 year ago in Admin 0

This would be a great place to have a "Forums" button in the list, for admins at least. This way an admin can quickly see how many and to which forums the guest has been invited. Currently you must go to the each forum and see if the guests are in the roster.


Personal message gets removed when switching to invite guest

Andreas 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

If you type a custom invite message and then change from invite member to invite guest your message gets replaced. This feature should be disabled if I have changed the message (very annoying to have to retype all of it).