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Have Images Open in Ryver

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Charles 2 years ago 14

Currently, clicking on an image shared by another user forces a jump to a browser window where the image is displayed. It would be great to have these images expand or be viewable in detail within the current Ryver tab or the Ryver app itself, as the current feels is a little clunky, especially when using the desktop app.


Notify users when new Forum is created

jeff 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 1 year ago 4

On forum creation, provide option to notify all member users that the new forum exists. They should be able to easily click to pin the forum from the notification.


single sign on / SSO

Roy Nasser 2 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 1 day ago 11

Add the option of integrating with Google Apps or other providers of authentication for small businesses so we dont need to create all accounts/disable them manually, etc and to make things easier for users to not need to remember too many identities.


Recurring Tasks (Task Manager Feature Requests)

Corvin Adkins 4 months ago in Misc • updated by Ken Lenoir 3 months ago 1

Have the ability to have tasks that reoccur at intervals (which can be set either as a fixed date or variable 'smart' date') be part of the task manager.  Example: take out trash every week on Friday (this would be considered a variable 'smart date'), Go Grocery Shopping on the 15th of every month (a fixed date).   

Under review

Single Ryver User login (universal, global) for accessing all of my Ryver accounts.

jeff 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Mike Boysen 2 years ago 2

Would like to have a single Ryver login that gives me access to all of my accounts. If I could do ad-hoc communications with others via a Global Directory, that would be a great bonus!


Prevent new chat, posts, comments on Archived forums and teams

jeff 2 years ago in Misc • updated 1 day ago 4

When a forum or team is archived, please don't allow people to continue adding content. Rather, you should be required to unarchive first.


Greater Stability On Slower Connections

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Josh 1 year ago 2

I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks, which has given me the opportunity to test Ryver in a variety of connections at a variety of speeds.

Unfortunately, it performs very badly on anything less than around a 10Mb connection, and even then seems very prone to dropping out, constantly reconnecting, and leaving important messages with the dreaded Red Triangle of Did-Not-Send, leaving it functionally unusable on all but the most stable of connections.

As such, I've had to resort to Skype, Slack and other more stable messaging services, when I'd much rather be able to rely on Ryver throughout.

Would it be possible to look at improving stability on lower connection speeds? As ever, apologies if this has already been mentioned/has already been addressed, but I think this is a hugely important issue for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be on superfast connections all the time.


Some means of visually acclimating new users to Ryver

Jeff Berman 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Felixvd 3 days ago 2

If it doesn't already exist, it would be nice to have a mechanism for quickly showing new Ryver users (web) how to use the system. I'm envisioning overlays that appear the first time a new user logs in to show them key features.

We have found in our group that many new users haven't discovered that the "Open Forums" link is clickable, as surprising as this sounds. As a result, their sidebar isn't populated with forums and they aren't even aware that discussions are taking place all around them.

It would be nice if overlays appeared when they first signed on (or perhaps every time they sign on until they enter a forum) encouraging them to click on the Open Forums list to enter the ones that appear interesting to them. Once they do this, perhaps another overlay could appear to point out how the forum is now in their sidebar and how it will change color when new content appears.


Improve task creation procedures and reduce clicks

Ben 3 weeks ago in Misc • updated 3 weeks ago 2
  1. Currently there's no way to assign a task to a User when creating a Task in Personal Tasks or in Direct Messages.  You can do that only from Teams and Forums (VERY BAD!!!).  You should be able to assign tasks to any users from ANYWHERE on Ryver.
  2. The Ryver /task command only brings up the task creation form popup.  It would be much better if using the /task command you could:
    1. Assign the task to one of more @users and have the asignees already appear in the task creation form once you press Enter.
    2. Write the Subject of the Task and have it already appear in the task creation form once you press Enter.
    3. Write the due date in Plain English (Friday 11:35 am, in 2 days, in 3 weeks, in 4 hours, etc) and have the due date already assigned in the task creation form once you press enter.
    4. Have the user pick a default due date (could be, for example, "Tomorrow 9 am" or "Tomorrow same time" and whenever no date info is entered in the command, have Ryver auto-assign the default due date.
  3. Once a Task is created, Ryver only gives a confirmation that such task was created if it was created in the user's own chat section and not when a task is created in a team of forum.  And the confirmation is not editable.  Instead, confirmations should:
    1. ALWAYS appear wherever you are.  If on another users chat, it should appear but stating "only visible to you".  In Forums or Teams it could appeare normally so everybody sees it.
    2. Should have the option to edit the task.  You should be able to quickly assign to other users, change title, change description, change due date, etc, etc.

Examples of a very useful Ryver Task creation command would be:

  • /task @user1 in 3 days SujectOfTheTask
  • /task @user1 @user2 in 4 hours SubjectOfTheTask
  • /task @user3 next Thursday SubjectOfTheTask
  • /task @user4 the first Monday of next month SubjectOfTheTask

Discussion Stream

Matt Sollars 1 year ago in Misc 0

The Post Stream is great, but there are plenty of times, as a manager, I want to catch up on the discussions across ALL teams (not just the posts). I would love to be able to drop into a Discussion Stream and watch a collective stream of all discussions in all teams I'm a part of. I could then click on an entry/line and reply to it from this stream. My reply would appear in the correct team discussion, and I could then resume my reading.

When I'm away for a time, having to click into all the separate teams I'm apart of to catch up is...tedious.