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Under review

Checklist Format

Paul D 7 months ago in Settings • updated by Mimi 7 months ago 1

Feature Request - Checklist Modification 

Would love the ability to drag the checklists into new ordering sequence if required, rather than having to delete and start again from input area of new checklist item. 

Looking good overall from a beta user POV , cheers 


Add a member without email, by a phone number.

igorcunha 5 months ago in Settings 0

add a member, with a phone number like in others chats. without necessity of email.


Possibility to disable Chats. Only Posts would be possible.

RvK 7 months ago in Settings • updated by RyverMan 4 months ago 1

To get a better readability and focus we would like to be able to generally disable chat's within specific Forums and Teams. Only Postings would be possible (like in Twistapp).


Icon to show user platform

Austin Best 1 year ago in Settings • updated 9 months ago 4

It would be nice if there was a way to tell what platform a user is on. A little icon next to their name to signify Mobile, PC, Web, etc would be quite helpful for a company with a lot of people that come & go often.


Time Zone UTC + 02:00

Charles 2 years ago in Settings 0

Please add Bern, Paris to Cairo

-> Bern, Cairo, Paris


Highlight specific categories with a background color

Lauren 1 month ago in Settings 0

I think it would be helpful if there was an option to highlight specific categories within a board by changing the background color of the category (see below). 

For my personal task board, I have categories for rush requests and clarifications.  I'd find it helpful if these categories popped out at me.  I currently put tags on each task but this looks a little busy.  It also feels redundant to me when I put a tag called "Clarification" on a task I've put in the "Clarification" category.

For team boards, it could be helpful to color coordinate categories by department/project.  And/or any new categories could be assigned a color so they pop out to the team members.

Here's a quick mock-up of what I'm picturing:




Ryver internationalization / Language Settings

Ken Kelvin 2 months ago in Settings 0

Hello guys, I really appreciate your work, I work in a retail company with +500 employees in Brazil, and we unfortunately use the Whatsapp groups for all communication, yes there are more than 100 Whatsapp groups. After a lot of research I'll suggest Ryver as our new platform for communication, but Ryver does not have Language settings (in this case for pt-br), and a lot of employees could have problems with that.

Under review

Unable to upload avatar to Forum

Martijn Kant 9 months ago in Settings • updated by Mimi 9 months ago 2

Currently I am unable to upload avatar to forum.

The upload initially succeeds, after confirming the edit by clicking the "Update Forum" button, the avatar is not changed and is gone when editing the clicking edit/rename again.

Under review

Have the account color selected propagate visually throughout application

Hans 2 years ago in Settings • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

If I select gray, for example, for the Account, the titles of a private team are still blue. With multiple accounts, it would be nice to reflect the account that is currently selected. Ideally, it would also let you select the font color too.