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Under review

Collapsable Code if 3-back-tick Method used

jake 1 year ago in Posts • updated by Trevor Vaughan 1 year ago 3

When doing code shares, these can be long snippets. Many times the comments within the main post, along with shared pics or links, are tedious to navigate. So if a collapse button were to be right next to the top line of code to collapse only the code between the back-ticks, this would be sweet! (Method Ex.:)


Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat).

Cory 8 months ago in Posts • updated by RyverMan 3 weeks ago 3

Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat). Or at minimum, put Posts first so that users land on that first (folks in our group prefer the functionality of Posts, but are missing it when they arrive to chats first) 


Home/End broken

Austin Best 1 year ago in Posts • updated 1 year ago 5

When you have the cursor in the TEXT field while typing and hit home or end, it scrolls the conversation window? Why on earth would it do that in any circumstance? If i have focus where i am clearly typing, please leave the button functions working properly for what has focus.


Move Tasks List/Column and or specific Card/Task to a different Board/Team/Personal Tasks list

Shay Dabush 7 months ago in Posts • updated by Joie 5 months ago 2

- Let's say someone accidentally created a task in the wrong place, he need to be able to move it to the relevant board.

- Sometimes we start a task in a certain place and it's no longer relevant to keep it there as a more suitable/relevant forum/team was created.



samkovaveronika 9 months ago in Posts • updated by ivan_takev 7 months ago 1

Please, can you change the graphic of smiley :) to something less laughing? When using current smiley, conversation is often misunderstood and seems ironic. Thank you

Under review

Allow emoji to be used in Subject of a Post

Christopher 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 2 years ago 3

It would be nice if we could include an emoji in the Subject line of a Post.

For example, it would be nice to be able to make a post about an upcoming birthday with something like "Happy Birthday, Jason! :birthday:" and have it show the cake emoji.

Currently, doing the above will print out the words ":birthday:" instead of showing the emoji.

Under review

Social media shares

Rogue London 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 1 year ago 2

It would be awesome to have the ability to share buttons for popular social media platforms. This way if there is an amazing post and you want to encourage people to become guest you can lure through great content shares. I understand it may not be a product priority but social media sharing is undeniably essential.


Clean up posts tab listings so they're easier to scan/read

Nate Y 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Thomas Becker 1 year ago 4

Show the title and forum name only (or only show the forum name in the main post stream), and move the byline information(how this was posted, by who) to the actual byline (Date).


Schedule Future Post

mike.walzl 3 months ago in Posts • updated by CARLOS - EL COACH 2 months ago 1

Ability to have posts in Draft form or future schedule so that post can be created, and posted at a specified time/date. This keeps a post from getting "buried" in the stream at the time when it would be most relevant. 

As a workaround - we create a post and toggle archive it, and when we want it to display, we un-toggle and sticky it to the top of the post feed.


Google drive filenames

MarkB 4 months ago in Posts 0

Whenever a file is attached through Google drive, the link only shows the webpage's title: "Meet Google Drive - One place for all your files". It seems that in a search the filename is taken into account. (Is the content of the file also indexed?) It would be extremely useful (and I'm hoping an easy fix) to get the filename to show in the post as well. Hope to hear from you soon.