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Under review

See which unpinned teams have new content

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

If a user is part of multiple teams & forums, they likely have unpinned a number of them, and probably have notifications turned off for that team. Unless they're @ mentioned, they won't know there's new activity unless they go looking for the Teams and open each team. Please add visual indications within the Private Teams list to show which team has new activity since the user last checked that team.

Under review

Include author when using the reply function or a link to the original message

Andreas 2 years ago in Chat • updated 2 years ago 2

When using the reply function it would be nice if the message author was included or even better would be if the quoted message was clickable so that you would scroll up to when it was sent to let you see the context. Showing the context in a popup when you move the mouse over the message would be another solution but I guess that would require more work.


Allow emailing a user or group at their Ryver site

Martin Ceronio 4 days ago in Chat • updated 4 days ago 0

Given that many people use Ryver and email together in a corporate environment, it would be great if email messages could be forwarded to Ryver users or groups.

For example, if my Ryver site was example.ryver.com and my user was martin, then someone should be able to send an email to martin@example.ryver.com, and it should appear in my personal chat. Similarly, if there was a group called +idle on the site, someone should be able to send a mail to idle@example.ryver.com and it should appear in that group.

The post in either the personal chat or group should retain the attachments as well.


Quote multiple messages for copy/pasting of chat convos

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Chat 0

Please add the ability to select multiple chat messages to copy/paste the quote block ">"s for copy/pasting to other forums or 1 to 1 chats.


Option for fast insert of @mention for user

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Chat 0

Many other chat applications have the ability to either hotkey, or click on a users name in chat to automatically insert @bob.dylan (or whomever) into the message box, then changing focus to the text box. Useful for fast replies to a user.


Preview button location movement in markdown editor

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Chat 0

Preview button moves away from mouse to disable preview. Small OCD here, but somewhat annoying if formatting a large message and previewing often.


Start new direct message hotkey

Aaron Curtis 4 weeks ago in Chat • updated 4 weeks ago 1

Would like to be able to configure a hotkey to start a new direct message and jump to the available people to search with a cleared search field.

i.e Mac Example - Command + N (or whatever you configure in hotkeys) - Jumps to the Direct Messages Search of Active Users with cursor in the Find Users field so I can type the persons name, then hit enter to go to the Direct Message chat with that team member.


Cancelling from replying to a chat

Kai Griffin 2 months ago in Chat • updated 2 months ago 1

I could not find any obvious way to cancel from replying to a chat.  That is, if I've pressed the reply button, then thought better of it and decided I don't want to reply.  I'm then stuck with the open reply box with no (apparent) way of cancelling out of it.  Have I just missed something?


Ryver messenger/chat box on page, a similar design would be that of FB

knollie 3 months ago in Chat 0


I would love for Ryver to offer a chat box on page just like FB. My team manages a lot of tasks every day and we work on a fast pace basis and on schedule. Honestly, it's a little annoying to exit a task window just to click on a direct message and then reply. How about while I'm on that window/task I can also reply to a direct message? That way it saves time and lessens the number of clicks I have to take, time saver and more efficient. 

So far, Ryver is fairly easy to use, and I am still getting the hang of it. I would love to explore it more and have a "chat box" added soon. 



Make the 'Edit' action more obvious and accessible

Edward 4 months ago in Chat 0

A common problem I've observed on Slack is that people do not initially realise that they can edit or delete their own posts. In Ryver this is arguably even more obscure: few people (outside tech circles) understand that a ⋮ signifies a submenu. It's a poor UX convention.

The edit action is probably the one most needed (certainly more frequently than 'Create Task'), so why not put this on the floating menu, rather than on the submenu? Maybe have the hover menu appear for a few seconds over a message after it's submitted so that people get to know it's there? Maybe consider replacing the ⋮ with a word (e.g. 'Actions')? Maybe allow people to customise the floating menu?