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Francis 12 months ago in Desktop 0

Can we have the old skin back please , because this white skin is boring and too bright .

Under review

Promote to Post button in OSX desktop app uses wrong font

mnu 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Piet Nutbey 2 years ago 4

It uses a serif font, probably Times

Under review

Remove selection circles from OSX desktop app

mnu 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Please make the selection circles only visible on hover.


Profile window moves away when clicking on profile picture

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 3 weeks ago 1

Not sure what the intended effect here was (or wasn't), but if you click on a users name in chat/userlist the profile window pops up. Clicking on their profile photo in this popup, the profile popup moves to the top left of the Ryver main app window, away from your mouse/wherever it originally popped up.


Subscribed icon not appearing immediately

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Desktop 0

As the header says, when replying to a topic, the subscribed/bell icon does not appear until you close out of the topic and reopen it.


Allow Sidebar on Mac OSX to be resized.

ryang 1 month ago in Desktop 0

The sidebar should be able to be resized horizontally in the MAC OSX client.


Reactions on Topics for Desktop

mike.walzl 2 months ago in Desktop 0

Seems like the reactions showed on the desktop version, when looking at the list of topics, and now you have to open the topic to see the reaction. I like how it displays on the mobile version and you can see the reactions as you look down the list of topics.

We have started to use the reactions to update teams on status of the topic (i.e. FYI/Info only, or complete)


Shortcut to personal tasks or include in command+k switcher

denisbkk 2 months ago in Desktop 0

would be nice if the command+k switcher include personal tasks? 

neither can i find a shortcut to open tasks nor does it show up when i use command+k and search for it. 


Private teams search problem

Ivan Takev 3 months ago in Desktop 0


We have many private teams that are named after license plates in the format "CA2040PB" or similar. The issue is that the search would not recognize any numbers and it will not show any results.

For example, If I am searching for 2040 it will not display a result. If I am looking for PB it will display the result right away. Could you please check why numbers are not being searched by the search feature? We have a growing number of private teams with numbers and searching without numbers is getting very troublesome.


Desktop don't open calls

cesar azpilcueta 3 months ago in Desktop 0

Desktop need update chrome for calls.