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Place cursor in message box automatically

Austin Best 3 months ago in Desktop 0

When i click on anything on the left (forum, team, DM) it would be intuitive (or so i would think) if the cursor would be focused in the message section where i type...


Allow to drag file names with links from browser directly into upload rectangle

Otto 4 months ago in Desktop 0

The way it is now, we have to first create a copy of the link in the browser, go to Ryver and open the Link or URL dialog, paste the link, go back to the browser and select and copy the link description (visible text), paste it into the dialog and close it.


Desktop: Formating options

trendfriendpa 6 months ago in Desktop 0

Have ability to change text size for chat and right column choices; decrease the amount of space between lines in chat as well as choices in right column; have ability to move line between choices and chat to see less of words in right column


More hotkeys / keyboard shorcuts

Irfan 8 months ago in Desktop 0

It would be really helpful to have (and be able to edit) hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts for window switching between chat/post/task tabs, setting focus to text area for typing, just as we have quick switcher.

Under review

Running tasks

Austin Best 8 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 8 months ago 3

Why does opening river spin off 4 individual tasks? Seems quite odd it is using 180,000 k of memory

That is more than dreamweaver which is a known memory hog.. also more than explorer is using.. 


Application links

alexei 9 months ago in Desktop 0

Some applications allow for direct links on a desktop e.g the reference manager Zotero has links like zotero://select/items/44311204_433UA11P that go to a specific reference in the desktop software. This is incredibly handy and is supported in Slack but I noticed the link doesn't trigger anything in Ryver. Any chance they could be supported? They just need to be handed onto the base OS to deal with. 

Under review

Notice of user typing is now gone

Austin Best 12 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 12 months ago 5

Prior to the last update, when the user you had open was typing a message, you would see a little moving icon next to their name AND you would see some "ghost" text in the window that said something like {USER} is typing a message...

Well now the icon is there however that message that shows someone is typing is removed. Is there a reason for this? Accident (I HOPE!)?


Cant view failed webhooks

Austin Best 12 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 19 hours ago 7

It shows an information bubble with the number of failed hooks, however what is the point if as a developer i cant see WHY they are failing??

This is rather critical since there is very little to no documentation of this new feature.


Webhooks not displaying

Austin Best 12 months ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 9 months ago 6

Added a webhook,

"All Webhooks" shows You have created 0 out of 10 allowed

"Active Webhooks" shows You have created 1 out of 10 allowed

Under review

Task bar icon?

Rayzback 12 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 11 months ago 1

When Ryver windows application is NOT minimized an icon should appear on the task bar. I can't seem to drag and drop to a post and can't get Ryver to the foreground from the ^ overflow while holding on to a file. Maybe it's just me or Win10? :)