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Add ability to select text from chat message in mobile client

Christopher 2 years ago in Mobile • updated by jeff 1 year ago 3

It appears that I am not able to select text from a message in a forum on the Android mobile client.

Use case is when someone sends a chat message with a command, partial url, tracking number, etc. it would be nice to be able to copy that text from the message then paste it elsewhere.

The standard convention in android is to press and hold on the text for it to be selected and then given the option to copy. This doesn't work in ryver. This ability should be enabled for the use cases mentioned above.

Alternatively, you could add an option in the chat messages menu (where you can select reply, edit, promote to post, etc) for copying the chat messages text. This isn't quite as ideal, though, because this will likely copy much more than is actually needed in the above use cases.


Forgot password link on Mobile clients

jeff 2 years ago in Mobile • updated 1 year ago 2

Currently, you need to exit the mobile app and try logging in from the mobile browser to reset the password.


Readability like in WhatsApp

RvK 7 months ago in Mobile 0

Compared to Ryver our employees like the readability of WhatsApp and esp. TwistApp much more than Ryver due to friendly bright colors, chat bubbles and bigger font sizes (esp. in the Ryver Smartphone Apps, important).

Under review

Images downloaded from mobile app (android devices) is pixelated or blurred.

jiegomojica 12 months ago in Mobile • updated by Jay Emanon 9 months ago 3

Regardless of where images were uploaded from, when they're downloaded and viewed from mobile app android devices, the images are pixelated or blurred. Not an internet connection issue. Hope this gets resolved.


Allow choosing notification sound in app

noam.composica 12 months ago in Mobile 0

Would love to have the option to select the sound used by the mobile app's notification, to allow differentiating it from other notifications on the device.


Deactivated users still show in the mobile app

Austin Best 1 year ago in Mobile • updated by jeff 12 months ago 2

When i click on "Direct Messages" and get a user list to the right, in the windows program i do not see people who are not active. However i do still see them in the mobile app (Android).


"Manage Forum"/"Profile" opens an empty page in Android app that causes it to stop working. Requires restart.

Felixvd 15 hours ago in Mobile • updated by Mimi 5 hours ago 1

Opening the "Manage Forum" dialog, then "Profile" or "Edit" or "Tags, nothing is displayed, and going back does not work. There seems to be no way to recover this except to restart the app.

"Guests" and "Tasks" display something when opened, and can be navigated away from correctly.

I use Android 6.0.1 on a Nexus 5.


Android app permissions

Jason Miller 3 weeks ago in Mobile 0

I noticed when attempting to view an external image link, Ryver requests filesystem permissions to my device, which is totally unnecessary. My expectations of this behavior should be that it either opens a preview window, or opens default link handler (in this case the system browser).


No 'Toggle view: Active/Archive' option on Android

dave.edwards 6 months ago in Mobile • updated by VPHrishikesh Kokate 4 weeks ago 1

There is the ability to archive posts. We have created a forum which is like a FAQ where we create posts and then archive them to prevent tampering. When viewed via a Web browser by default they do not show (which in itself is annoying and once made visible by the user should always be visible), you may however make them visible by using the menu option 'Toggle view: Active/Archive'. However when using Android App there is NO menu option to enable the user to do this. I haven't checked the other app? Can this be fixed as a matter of urgency as users cannot see this content.


Bigger font + less optical clutter = better text view

RvK 8 months ago in Mobile 0

Samsung S5 (1,080 x 1,920 pixels) + Android v6.0.1 + Ryver v1.23:

Text font to small. Inbut box to small. WhatsApp for example has a much better text and input box size. 

Within 1:1 chat's name of partner and weekday not necessary in every message - see WhatsApp. 

Less is more.

Same applies to the Windows Desktop Client and all the other Ryver apps - I guess.

Best regards from Germany,