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Under review

Option to untie the mobile app sounds from the status of the desktop/browser app

Ilan 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

The Android app does not notify via sound when users send me messages, if my desktop status is Online. The two status are essentially linked to each other. A great convenience in many times, BUT a great problem if the sound on my computer is malfunctioning ):-

Please add an option to un-tie the two, so that i can get the sounds on my mobile app, INDEPENDENT of the status on my desktop/browser.


Allow Notifications options for New Posts in a Team

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

If a user turns off notifications for a team, they won't be notified of chats, new posts, or new comments on a post unless they're @ mentioned or subscribed to the Post. Please provide a Notification setting option to get a notification when a New Post is made in a team, while not receiving notifications for other team activity like chats.

Under review

Red flag in sidebar if message failed to send

Albert 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Currently, the only way for me to know a message was not sent was to see the "little red triangle" to the right of the exact message that wasn't sent.

I've often clicked away only to go back later to find that something wasn't sent.

Suggesting: new type of notification (not yellow bold text) = "Message Failed to Send" and make it red.


Notifications count for each team

Steve Collard 1 week ago in Notifications 0

I would really like having a notification count on each team/forum that I am tagged in. I know we can use the Notifications Tab, but with we have so many Teams that it gets a little bit overwhelmed to have all the notifications at the same place. It is useful, but it would be very good to see a count like the Notification Tab, but on each Teams so we can go directly see in the Team that request our attention.

Love Ryver, it changed our life.


User Roles should be expanded

OPS_Justin 1 month ago in Notifications 0

We are having a situation where users are becoming notification deaf. That is due to the massive amount of notifications that hit based on certain situations. Having channels for different categories only goes so far since leadership also has to be in each of these channels. 

For my team we have channels based for each market we serve. Leadership is in each of these channels along with the agents for that service area. I have to send blasts using @team to each of these areas multiple times daily for the field teams to see. The result is that my leadership teams become deaf/numb at the amount of notifications they also get. Not enough clarity in what the ding is for. 

The fix that works with user messaging services I also admin is user roles. That way in a channel if I tag @rolename1 only users with that role get the notification while all members that also need access to that channel still have access. 

Discord does that type of control really well. You can have 20k users in a single channel and still better direct pings to user chunks based on role. 


Please, no notification of new tasks in team if not assigned to me / us

RvK 3 months ago in Notifications • updated 3 months ago 0

If he set's up a new projekt, the team leader starts hammering future tasks into the task list. Until he assigns each task to one member the list is just his plan. But every new task item causes a notification to each team member. Pling, pling, pling, pling, etc. :-)

We suggest that there are no notfications until a task is assigned to somebody.


Notification when new categories are added to a Task board

joeboon 3 months ago in Notifications 0

It would be great if there was a notification when admin creates or changes Task board categories. This would go to all members who have tasks access. It would alert us to the opportunity to use a new category. 


Make the notification in a browser tab more noticeable

Robert Zduński 4 months ago in Notifications 0

But anyway, currently the way the notification shows up on a browser tab is not noticeable at all. This may be completely subjective, but when I get a new message, I for the love of me cannot see the orange icon and waste a few seconds to find the right tab. What I would like to see to improve this is either:

don't change the Ryver icon to orange and instead make a small orange circle next to it, like this: 


or show in brackets how many new messages you got, like in Gmail:


or both at the same time. :)

Admin notification of new users joined

Steffis Cloud 4 months ago in Notifications 0

Add admin notification of new users joined to welcome them


Bold Left Sidebar With Notification

andrew_k 7 months ago in Notifications 0

I get lots of notifications, but it's not easy to see which project, person or forum actually had the comment made in. I have a list of notifications shown, but no easy way of telling in which "folder" it occurred unless I actually go to notification and click on that notification. It seems like it would be very easy to just bold the corresponding Project, person or forum that had the comment made in it. Also, you could "star" the Chat or Posts tab and figure out some way of indicating which Post had the update.