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Snooze Notifications

Avinash Chandra 9 months ago in Notifications 0

I want a function similar to Slack, where you can snooze notifications so we are disturbed with notifications when I am not working. I have to currently logout from Ryver.


Attention Grabbing "Buzz" Notification

Ryan Gallagher 1 year ago in Notifications 0

Similar to the old Yahoo Messenger "Buzz" feature it would be nice to have the option to grab another user's attention via a full scree alert or overlay that would require a dismissal. Noisy environments sometimes cause alerts to be missed or working on multiple systems at once.

Under review

@team notifications

Charles 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by daily work 4 weeks ago 7

In private team/chat, i sent a message @team but got no notification by email. And yes, i'm part of the teammates.


Delete notifications

Charles 2 years ago in Notifications • updated 2 years ago 1

I'm actually testing ryver but see that there's no way to delete notifications

Under review

Email invites

Charles 2 years ago in Notifications • updated 2 years ago 2

Once new members get an email from DEMO (this is just an example)

Instead of

Please join me -> Join DEMO

I have made you a member of this Ryver account -> I have made you a member of DEMO

Click here to join me -> Click to join

Account Name: DEMO -> demo.ryver.com

All the rest is ok. Otherwise it's a little confusing :)


Do not disturb status still gets a pop-up

Ian 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Seems even if you set your status to Do Not Disturb, you still get pop-up notifications.

Tested with:

User-A logged-in via Browser, status set to Do Not Disturb.

User-B logged-in via Mobile, sends message to User-A.

User-A still gets the pop-up notification.

Under review

Execute commands as notifications

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated 2 years ago 2

I think it could be nice to be able to choose to have your Ryver client execute a command when you get a notification/message. Primarily the reason for this is that I'm interested in making a notification that is more clearly visible. However a feature like this could be used for a lot of other tings as well, if you add the possibility of parameters like the ability to pass the message/sender/team to the command a lot of possibilities would open op for quick and simple integrations.

Under review

Unique Desktop Notification Icon

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

This may be a Windows-only issue, but currently the desktop pop-up notifications for Ryver use the same blue circle with an 'i' in the middle symbol as general Windows notifications.
This means that it's sometimes hard to tell out of the corner of one's eye if something is a Ryver pop-up or some kind of dull system notification. It would be great if it could be changed to a custom Ryver-only icon that's distinct enough from the Windows one to be easily distinguished.