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Add more people to the programming team at Ryver so Product Ideas can be worked on faster

Ben 20 hours ago 0

I just checked and there are only 38 completed product ideas out of 402 posted.  I know it's not easy to spend more money on people, but at the same time, improving the product not only improves the efficiency and power of the current users but also improves the chances of new customers liking Ryver more than Slack or other alternatives.


Set Date/Time for Task to Automatically Move To Another Category

emily_moran 3 months ago 0

We currently have our categories (in part) set by priority, what's been delegated, what's "next up", etc.

It would be really helpful to be able to set a date and time where a task will move itself back to the Priority Category.

I know there are due dates and reminders but with a very full task board, things get lost in the mix rather easily.

This is a separate thing, but just to ++ the idea, copying or moving tasks between boards and duplicating tasks would be incredibly helpful as well!


Custom notification sounds

Fred The Ranger 3 months ago 0

Level for notifications is way too loud. I'd love to be able to upload my own or change the level of the existing ones.


Have application flash in the system tray

Amanda 3 months ago 0

When a message is sent to me or one of my groups & I am logged in I would like for the application to flash in the system tray to catch my attention. 


Bump Team when New Task Created

Michael Schuette 4 months ago 0

When a new task is created there is a popup that lets you know it has been created, and a notification in the "Notifications" section, but it would be nice if a new task is created it moved that Team to the top of the list and bolded that team as if there were a new chat message.  It would be similar to what happens when a new Post is created.  There is a notification in the Chat window and that team is bolded and moved to the top of your list if you sort by last activity. 


Pinned messages in chat tab

Jacob Chen 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 0

There is "Posts" right now which is great but it seems quite separated from the chat tab, which is great in its own way But the Chat tab could do with the ability to pin important messages, (just like slack). and have it on the side bars too, beside the current Profile/Roster/Files


Working offline

Shay D. 7 months ago 0

As RYVER wish to place existing communication platforms, the #1 features we believe is crucial and is missing from RYVER at the moment, is working offline.

From the features you've made and the way they were implemented, I'm guessing you are using an online emails platform such as Gmail. This might be the case for certain users, however, many of us are using platforms like Microsoft Outlook.

Although it is not as popular as it is in Outlook, but Gmail also allows offline work.

We all travel a lot and find ourselves occasionally in disconnected areas. It can be up in the air, or simply in a foreign country with no data plan or local internet connectivity for certain hours.
Normally it's for considerably short periods, never the less, still time you would like to dedicate to work.

Here is a list of items we can all do offline using existing platforms, but not using RYVER:
(listed by priority)
1. Reading emails and content you didn't get the chance to get to.
2. Reviewing and working on attachments sent to us.
3. Writing emails and sending them (they will be sent automatically once connection resumes)
4. Review and work on tasks
5. Managing emails/files/folders - move/copy/delete/archive
6. Writing emails and saving them to Drafts for later usage.

We found that certain personnel in the company, mostly higher management, sales, and field engineers which frequently complain about this, and are using it as a reason for why they can't switch from an email platform to working on RYVER and using it for crucial stuff.

Under review

Post links without preview.

martin.tran 12 months ago • updated by jeff 12 months ago 1

Post links without preview. I know, I can add text before and after as workaround.

Under review

link target

Timothy Reichle 1 year ago • updated 11 months ago 6

Linux 32bits Syntax Error

ThePwo 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 0

On Linux 32bits (Ubuntu and Lubuntu) it's impossible to start Ryver.
We got the following error :

./Ryver: 2: ./Ryver: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I have try numerous commands like

sudo ./Ryver
sudo sh Ryver
sudo bash Ryver

... and without sudo
But same error