Web Hooks for integration with popular apps and services

jeff 2 years ago in Integrations • updated by Alice Pham 1 month ago 16

Many popular cloud-based applications and services offer web hooks that get triggered when events take place. Would like the ability to associate those web hooks with the creation of a chat message in Ryver. Ideally, Ryver would have built-in message formatting support for a bunch of popular services, rather than requiring custom implementation.

I'm curious what "popular services" would be started with? Or would it be easier to have a chat command trigger a particular integration rather than waiting on an automatic trigger like Zapier?


Hi Stephanie. We're just about to get started on this feature. We'll start by adding the generic support for webhooks and associated templates for transforming the data into messages. Then we'll identify a set of products like Github, Jira, etc. to create templates for. Once we come up with the initial planned list, I'll post them here. If you have any favorites, please do share!

Please consider beyond software tools for integrations. My office doesn't do any software development, so that wouldn't be helpful. You already support Google Drive & Hangouts integrations as well as Box, so the bulk of our immediate needs are met. Project Management software integrations would be useful, as would Google Calendar integration - although perhaps those will be coming with Ryver Tasks?

Looking forward to this feature guys! It'll make Ryver much easier to integrate with and configure.

Hi Jeff, has there been any movement on this? We are considering implementing River, but the lack of integrations is an issue (particularly Jira & Bitbucket for us). As a fallback, has there been any movement on finalising the webhook API with anything other than basic auth? (as descibed here: https://support.ryver.com/chatmessage-api/).

I don't see Zapier as an acceptable solution, as the cost adds up quickly.


We finally have initial webhook support running internally and will be rolling it out in a little over a week!

If this is true I'll be moving everthing to Ryver as soon as I can convert my Slack webhooks over.

I think some integration with gmail (actually any forward capable email app) where maybe we can set a filter in gmail to forward certain email to my dedicated address in my ryver account that will automatically add a custom message to a forum. This will be useful for contacts that come in from my website. If we could do something similar for messages in fb pages it would be awesome.

Finally first webhook made and works awesome! Ryver just became even more useful!

Webhooks are still not working with Github, which I still cannot use Ryver until this is available.


We have one incredible webhook setup for our webservers. Webhook is from https://uptimerobot.com to Ryver and it notifies us when a server is down. Incredible free service.

Having plugged this free service enough now ;) , I am very interested in any user webhooks from let's say services like Asana vs Ryver (Yes we have tried Zapier, but somewhat limited in 100 a month every 15 minutes).

Would you care to share how you managed to link uptime robot and ryver please? :)

Created a short how-to, hopefully it will help you on your way: http://blueocean.clarify-it.com/d/26e7a3

Thanks  Piet Nutbey for the update!