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Update Page Title with Active page (Team/forum/DM)

Rob B 1 year ago in Desktop 0

It would be great if the actual page title (mainly in desktop) could have the active forum name or private team name or direct message user name in it. This would accomplish 2 things for us: First, the conversation could be found easier in the system tray and secondly, since we use TimeCamp, our billing app, it can track the active application and read that page title to determine what client should be billed for the time spent in that active chat session.

So if the account we use is called "xyz", our current page title is always "xyz" (in the desktop app) or "Ryver: xyz" (in web app). And if we were to click on the Open Forums named "Client X", the title doesn't change. If you could append the forum name so that it shows as "xyz - Client X" (desktop) and "Ryver: xyz - Client X" that would be awesome.


Unable to edit messages a second time.

Alf 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

Ryver 1.1.6 (Complete Cats)

When selecting edit button a second time to re-edit the message, there is no action

Under review

Ability to disable /giphy

Matt Golman 2 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

The /giphy command is cool and I can see how people would like it. I have to moderate several forums full of high school students though, and they'll spam the chat with /giphy's to the point that it's unusable. Being able to delete chats would be helpful for this as well.


Personal message gets removed when switching to invite guest

Andreas 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

If you type a custom invite message and then change from invite member to invite guest your message gets replaced. This feature should be disabled if I have changed the message (very annoying to have to retype all of it).

Under review

Integrate Private Team and Open Forum

Hans Bosma 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

As in Slack there is just one conversation group, namely Channel. Ryver has 'Open Forum' and 'Private Team'. Which does incline you for a team to start a 'private team'. But then again, it is better to have as much open communication as possible.

But anyway, why not integrate OpenForum and PrivateTeam into one group. As the only difference is whether the group is open or closed. It could be called 'Forum' for example.

Under review

@mention formating does not always work

Andreas 2 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

When I type @person there is normally formatting that places it in a grey block. But if I type for example (@person) this fails (any time there is a charachter infront of @) but there seems to be a notification sent anyway.

Under review

Slow opening of client after recieving a message/notification

Andreas 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

When I receive a message on the Windows client and immediately click on Ryver on the taskbar there is a delay (several seconds) before the window actually opens.

I started noticing this recently, I don't think it always happens could be something like only the first message or only some kinds of notifications.

If anyone else has experienced the same problem feel free to add a comment to make sure this is not something only affecting me.

I'm currently using Windows 7 and desktop client Ryver 1.1.6 (Complete Cats).

Under review

Inviting new members as Admins/Owners directly

ferril samal 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1


Hi I lead a team of 170 individuals. It is a real pain to invite team members first and then change their status as admins/owners later, especially since I have to invite a lot of people (nearly 30) as admins at once. And PLEASE ADD AN OWNER LEVEL.


invite personal message - save as custom

Charles 2 years ago in Admin 0

it would be nice if a custom message could be saved instead of writing it over and over.


Startup default page on mobile phones

Charles 2 years ago in Mobile • updated 2 years ago 1

once i open ryver mobile app, the default page is set to "all users".

Making "all notifications" the default one would be more useful.