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"Manage Forum"/"Profile" opens an empty page in Android app that causes it to stop working. Requires restart.

Felixvd 1 month ago in Mobile • updated by Mimi 1 month ago 1

Opening the "Manage Forum" dialog, then "Profile" or "Edit" or "Tags, nothing is displayed, and going back does not work. There seems to be no way to recover this except to restart the app.

"Guests" and "Tasks" display something when opened, and can be navigated away from correctly.

I use Android 6.0.1 on a Nexus 5.


Allow emailing a user or group at their Ryver site

Martin Ceronio 1 month ago in Chat • updated 1 month ago 0

Given that many people use Ryver and email together in a corporate environment, it would be great if email messages could be forwarded to Ryver users or groups.

For example, if my Ryver site was example.ryver.com and my user was martin, then someone should be able to send an email to martin@example.ryver.com, and it should appear in my personal chat. Similarly, if there was a group called +idle on the site, someone should be able to send a mail to idle@example.ryver.com and it should appear in that group.

The post in either the personal chat or group should retain the attachments as well.


Post from Gmail to Tasks with Chrome Plugin

raum12 1 month ago in Integrations 0

The Ryver Chrome Plugin currently lets you post to forums and teams from within Gmail and other websites.

It would be very useful if you could post as a task from within gmail. So that I can basically pin any email quickly to Ryver into my task list.

There are many plugins that let you create todo lists from gmail emails but having this connected to Ryver with the plugin would be great, possibly even having a menu item in the Gmail menu directly such as "Create Task in River..." or something like that in each message.


Quote multiple messages for copy/pasting of chat convos

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Chat 0

Please add the ability to select multiple chat messages to copy/paste the quote block ">"s for copy/pasting to other forums or 1 to 1 chats.


Profile window moves away when clicking on profile picture

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 2 months ago 1

Not sure what the intended effect here was (or wasn't), but if you click on a users name in chat/userlist the profile window pops up. Clicking on their profile photo in this popup, the profile popup moves to the top left of the Ryver main app window, away from your mouse/wherever it originally popped up.


Option for fast insert of @mention for user

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Chat 0

Many other chat applications have the ability to either hotkey, or click on a users name in chat to automatically insert @bob.dylan (or whomever) into the message box, then changing focus to the text box. Useful for fast replies to a user.


Manage Team UI resetting view

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Admin 0

When attempting to use the "Manage Team" UI on a private team (I have not tested open forums), when trying to view other menus, occasionally the UI will reset itself to the "teammates" view automatically.


Subscribed icon not appearing immediately

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Desktop 0

As the header says, when replying to a topic, the subscribed/bell icon does not appear until you close out of the topic and reopen it.


Android app permissions

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Mobile 0

I noticed when attempting to view an external image link, Ryver requests filesystem permissions to my device, which is totally unnecessary. My expectations of this behavior should be that it either opens a preview window, or opens default link handler (in this case the system browser).


Preview button location movement in markdown editor

Jason Miller 2 months ago in Chat 0

Preview button moves away from mouse to disable preview. Small OCD here, but somewhat annoying if formatting a large message and previewing often.


Start new direct message hotkey

Aaron Curtis 2 months ago in Chat • updated 2 months ago 1

Would like to be able to configure a hotkey to start a new direct message and jump to the available people to search with a cleared search field.

i.e Mac Example - Command + N (or whatever you configure in hotkeys) - Jumps to the Direct Messages Search of Active Users with cursor in the Find Users field so I can type the persons name, then hit enter to go to the Direct Message chat with that team member.


Allow Sidebar on Mac OSX to be resized.

ryang 2 months ago in Desktop 0

The sidebar should be able to be resized horizontally in the MAC OSX client.


Highlight specific categories with a background color

Lauren 2 months ago in Settings 0

I think it would be helpful if there was an option to highlight specific categories within a board by changing the background color of the category (see below). 

For my personal task board, I have categories for rush requests and clarifications.  I'd find it helpful if these categories popped out at me.  I currently put tags on each task but this looks a little busy.  It also feels redundant to me when I put a tag called "Clarification" on a task I've put in the "Clarification" category.

For team boards, it could be helpful to color coordinate categories by department/project.  And/or any new categories could be assigned a color so they pop out to the team members.

Here's a quick mock-up of what I'm picturing:




Tasks Feedback Category

Eric Jacko 2 months ago in Posts 0

With the massive undertaking that the tasks feature is, we should have a feedback category related to tasks to post in.


User Roles should be expanded

OPS_Justin 2 months ago in Notifications 0

We are having a situation where users are becoming notification deaf. That is due to the massive amount of notifications that hit based on certain situations. Having channels for different categories only goes so far since leadership also has to be in each of these channels. 

For my team we have channels based for each market we serve. Leadership is in each of these channels along with the agents for that service area. I have to send blasts using @team to each of these areas multiple times daily for the field teams to see. The result is that my leadership teams become deaf/numb at the amount of notifications they also get. Not enough clarity in what the ding is for. 

The fix that works with user messaging services I also admin is user roles. That way in a channel if I tag @rolename1 only users with that role get the notification while all members that also need access to that channel still have access. 

Discord does that type of control really well. You can have 20k users in a single channel and still better direct pings to user chunks based on role.