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Add A Note In Comment/Post

Afzaal Afridi 2 months ago in Chat 0

Please consider adding "notes" function just like "decision" in Atlassian Stride. Embedding or seperation of a post as a "NOTE" or as a "Decision" really helps distinguish between normal chat and a specific or special thing that is mentioned in a long list of conversations. I loved this in Stride but i would love to see this here too.


Native app

bartlomiej.szponarski 2 months ago in Mobile 0

Hello, dunno whether there was such a request, but are you planning to release native app's for iOS and android? Reopening and notifications are a mess in current state. Could be very helpful.


Regards! Bartek


Filter by task id in task view / link to task

Stefan 2 months ago in Misc 0


if you have many tasks it becomes difficult to find a specific task id. It would be nice to have additional filter for the task id in the task view. Helpful would be as well if I could have a task url or could reference to a task like to teams e.g. +TASK-10 

Hope many people would like to have this.



Task Stream Advanced Filtering and Sorting

Jason Gray 2 months ago in Posts • updated 2 months ago 1

Export task data as .tsv or .json

mski 3 months ago in Desktop 0

the export would just need to contain basic task data e.g. title, description, who created the task, who it was assigned to, when it was completed, who completed it


Small Business Ideas In India

Pravishti 3 months ago in Posts 0

  Any company should quote his PAN no. for settlement as well as tax obligation reductions. The FRYING PAN could be obtained by an authorized National Securities Depository Providers Ltd. or UTI resources. The FRYING PAN contains a 10-digit number provided by the evaluating police officer of the Division of Earnings Tax.


Accepting private team invitation requires desktop client restart

Michael H 3 months ago in Desktop 0

After accepting a private team invitation, our users have to restart Ryver to make it show up in the "Private Teams" list. We're using the Windows desktop client.


igloo integration

pwilcox 3 months ago in Integrations 0

It would be nice to have igloo.com integration.


custom url

pwilcox 3 months ago in Settings 0

It would be nice to have a custom url for enterprise accounts so users can log in with that specific url.


Automatic Check-in/Workreport

Simon Gasser 4 months ago in Settings 0

It would be great to have an automatic check-in as in Basecamp.

Every evening, or friday, or 1. of the mont...

I could imagine to have an "open forum" (or group) where every "round" of ceck-in reports are collected in one post.

and every invited user gets a notification in his chat.


Notification on Reminders

bisentepablo 4 months ago in Notifications • updated 4 months ago 0

When you set a reminder on chat, the notification does not indicate which FORUM the reminder was set.

Notifications should also indicate the FORUM

What is shown in the notification is "You set a reminder on a chat message"

It would be helpful especially if you have a lot of FORUM and reminders if it would go something like

"You set a reminder on a chat message in SPECIFIC FORUM"


Topic notification in any particular forum

RyverMan 4 months ago in Posts • updated 3 months ago 2

Topic notification in any particular forum appear to have three options,

New Topic created

New Topics and Replies (auto-subscribe)

Only Topics I'm participating in

There is no option to stop ALL Topic notifications in any particular forum. This would be easy to add, and reduced notifications would reduce server load


Getting notification emails with posts and messages that I've already seen

Matt Golman 5 months ago in Notifications • updated 5 months ago 0

This happens to me all the time, and it drives me crazy.

If somebody sends me a message, I will get an email notification about it, even if I've already seen the message. It even happens if I've already replied to the message, and my reply will even be included in the email notification that Ryver sends to me. Ryver clearly has enough information here to know that I don't need a notification.

Here is an example from today. "W" is a teammate that sent me a message. I replied in under a minute, and two minutes after that I got a notification about it.

I'd like there to be a <5 minute (maybe user-customizeable?) delay on sending these emails, and to cancel it if I've already seen and/or replied to the post/message in question.


Preserve Slack comment threading on import

Edward 5 months ago in Admin 0

Threading of comments on documents and posts in Slack is lost on import to Ryver. Comments are just interspersed with other forum posts, where they make no sense. Could the importer be updated to turn these into topics?


Import image and document previews from Slack

Edward 5 months ago in Admin 0

Ryver imports only original images and documents from Slack, ignoring the previews. These are important for making content legible and accessible. Any chance of updating the importer to include preview images?