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Add Sections to categorize tasks in the List view

Dado 6 months ago in Misc 0

Add the possibility of adding Sections to categorize tasks in the List view (like in Asana for example). This would also allow moving back and forth from the List and Board view without loosing the tasks!


Private teams search problem

Ivan Takev 6 months ago in Desktop 0


We have many private teams that are named after license plates in the format "CA2040PB" or similar. The issue is that the search would not recognize any numbers and it will not show any results.

For example, If I am searching for 2040 it will not display a result. If I am looking for PB it will display the result right away. Could you please check why numbers are not being searched by the search feature? We have a growing number of private teams with numbers and searching without numbers is getting very troublesome.


Print button on Tasks and Posts

Zander 6 months ago in Misc 0

Sometimes we write posts or create tasks that we would link to print a hard copy of to keep in our physical files. A print button on Tasks would be appreciated. The option to download as PDF would also be acceptable.


Please, no notification of new tasks in team if not assigned to me / us

RvK 6 months ago in Notifications • updated 6 months ago 0

If he set's up a new projekt, the team leader starts hammering future tasks into the task list. Until he assigns each task to one member the list is just his plan. But every new task item causes a notification to each team member. Pling, pling, pling, pling, etc. :-)

We suggest that there are no notfications until a task is assigned to somebody.


Ryver messenger/chat box on page, a similar design would be that of FB

knollie 6 months ago in Chat 0


I would love for Ryver to offer a chat box on page just like FB. My team manages a lot of tasks every day and we work on a fast pace basis and on schedule. Honestly, it's a little annoying to exit a task window just to click on a direct message and then reply. How about while I'm on that window/task I can also reply to a direct message? That way it saves time and lessens the number of clicks I have to take, time saver and more efficient. 

So far, Ryver is fairly easy to use, and I am still getting the hang of it. I would love to explore it more and have a "chat box" added soon. 



Notification when new categories are added to a Task board

joeboon 6 months ago in Notifications 0

It would be great if there was a notification when admin creates or changes Task board categories. This would go to all members who have tasks access. It would alert us to the opportunity to use a new category. 


Desktop don't open calls

cesar azpilcueta 6 months ago in Desktop 0

Desktop need update chrome for calls.


Place cursor in message box automatically

Austin Best 6 months ago in Desktop 0

When i click on anything on the left (forum, team, DM) it would be intuitive (or so i would think) if the cursor would be focused in the message section where i type...


Custom notification sounds

Fred The Ranger 6 months ago 0

Level for notifications is way too loud. I'd love to be able to upload my own or change the level of the existing ones.


Have application flash in the system tray

Amanda 6 months ago 0

When a message is sent to me or one of my groups & I am logged in I would like for the application to flash in the system tray to catch my attention. 


Permit change of organization name

Edward 7 months ago in Admin 0

I'd like to be able to change an organization name, which is something you can do on Slack, but appears not to be possible on Ryver.

Maybe our situation is unusual, but we're likely to start a group with a working name. One of our first tasks will be to agree a new name. To do that we'd have to set up an organization for the initial discussion about a name, and only start other discussions after we've set up a new organization with the agreed new name.

Incidentally, I found it very difficult to find the option to change the organization display name. I stumbled across it, but I can't find it again.


Show the Profile/Roster/Files sidebar also when a post has been opened from a link or a search

Otto 7 months ago in Navigation 0

This should be a no-brainer! Search is worth very little if we cannot open a post and see all its information from search.


Show file descriptions, not file names in lists

Otto 7 months ago in Posts 0

The way it is now, the Posts column shows many of my files as "wfdocument.aspx", but the file list shows the understandable names. That is not exactly helpful. (And it is further complicated by the fact that the file list includes all files in the forum, so finding out what is connected where is almost impossible.) 


Allow to drag file names with links from browser directly into upload rectangle

Otto 7 months ago in Desktop 0

The way it is now, we have to first create a copy of the link in the browser, go to Ryver and open the Link or URL dialog, paste the link, go back to the browser and select and copy the link description (visible text), paste it into the dialog and close it.


Have the Files list show only the files for the presently selected post

Otto 7 months ago in Posts 0

The way it is now, all files for all posts in the forum are listed. It would be a great help if only the files for one post at a time were listed.