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Under review

Allow admins to view direct messages

Charlie Brummitt 4 years ago in Admin updated by martin 3 years ago 4

As an admin, I'd like to be able to view all direct messages.

This request is closely related to the request "Allow Admin to see and manage ALL teams, not just the ones they are on" http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/14-allow-admin-to-see-and-manage-all-teams-not-just-the-ones-they-are-on/

Under review

Putting "Search" in a conventional location in the desktop app

Nathan Joel Waters 4 years ago in Desktop updated by jeff 4 years ago 1

I would like to suggest moving the search bar, refresh icon, multi-select icon, and the online users toggle icon. It would seem to me better to have them in a convnetional place like many search bars are in the top right corner. It removes the trapped space around the "Chat" "Posts" bar, and it frees up some real estate for the actual chats themselves.

Under review

Unique Desktop Notification Icon

Oli Chance 4 years ago in Notifications updated by jeff 4 years ago 1

This may be a Windows-only issue, but currently the desktop pop-up notifications for Ryver use the same blue circle with an 'i' in the middle symbol as general Windows notifications.
This means that it's sometimes hard to tell out of the corner of one's eye if something is a Ryver pop-up or some kind of dull system notification. It would be great if it could be changed to a custom Ryver-only icon that's distinct enough from the Windows one to be easily distinguished.