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Support for two-factor authentication.

Mxx 2 years ago • updated by Sean Johnson 2 years ago 3

I would like to secure my/my team's accounts with more than just username/password. Please add support for any number of various two-factor authentication solutions.

Under review

Allow multi-window interface which supports pop-outs for teams, chats, posts.

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Ken Lenoir 4 months ago 10

Support a window pop-out feature for teams, forums, DMs, posts in the Desktop versions. For our users that are constantly going back and forth between teams, DMs, Posts they'd greatly prefer the ability to have separate windows for each area/team they're working on. The main Ryver window would remain the same, the pop-out would let users focus on that one area. Services I'm familiar with that do something similiar include Evernote, Mac Notes, and Mac Messages.


Mac Fullscreen Support

Godfrey Hendrix 11 months ago in Desktop • updated by lee ho 2 weeks ago 2

Implement fullscreen functionality on the Mac app. Right now clicking the green icon only makes app maximize to the screen (but does not enable fullscreen mode).

Under review

Save draft

Alberto 2 years ago in Posts • updated by emily_moran 1 year ago 5

Safe draft of a chat or post adding a button next to "Post"

Under review

Nesting of Group Posts

Wayne 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4

Replies to a post show up in the order submitted. This can make it hard to follow along, even if someone includes text from the previous post. It would be useful to me if the replies were nested under their parent; being collapsible would also be nice.


Option to set order of Sticky Posts

DavidC 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Anthony 6 days ago 2

Right now stickies are displayed in order of Last is First. When setting a series of stickies as 1), 2), 3) etc it would be helpful to have the option to display them alphanumerically.


Greater Stability On Slower Connections

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Josh 1 year ago 2

I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks, which has given me the opportunity to test Ryver in a variety of connections at a variety of speeds.

Unfortunately, it performs very badly on anything less than around a 10Mb connection, and even then seems very prone to dropping out, constantly reconnecting, and leaving important messages with the dreaded Red Triangle of Did-Not-Send, leaving it functionally unusable on all but the most stable of connections.

As such, I've had to resort to Skype, Slack and other more stable messaging services, when I'd much rather be able to rely on Ryver throughout.

Would it be possible to look at improving stability on lower connection speeds? As ever, apologies if this has already been mentioned/has already been addressed, but I think this is a hugely important issue for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be on superfast connections all the time.

Under review

Single Ryver User login (universal, global) for accessing all of my Ryver accounts.

jeff 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Mike Boysen 2 years ago 2

Would like to have a single Ryver login that gives me access to all of my accounts. If I could do ad-hoc communications with others via a Global Directory, that would be a great bonus!


Outlook Plugin for sharing emails and discussing them

jeff 2 years ago in Integrations • updated 2 months ago 5

Would like to have an Outlook plugin that supports sharing an email to Ryver as a "Shared Email" Post, allowing my team to discuss the email in the comments section. It would work similarly to how the current Ryver Chrome Extension works with Gmail.


Improve task creation procedures and reduce clicks

Ben 2 months ago in Misc • updated by Alejandro Llorente 1 month ago 3
  1. Currently there's no way to assign a task to a User when creating a Task in Personal Tasks or in Direct Messages.  You can do that only from Teams and Forums (VERY BAD!!!).  You should be able to assign tasks to any users from ANYWHERE on Ryver.
  2. The Ryver /task command only brings up the task creation form popup.  It would be much better if using the /task command you could:
    1. Assign the task to one of more @users and have the asignees already appear in the task creation form once you press Enter.
    2. Write the Subject of the Task and have it already appear in the task creation form once you press Enter.
    3. Write the due date in Plain English (Friday 11:35 am, in 2 days, in 3 weeks, in 4 hours, etc) and have the due date already assigned in the task creation form once you press enter.
    4. Have the user pick a default due date (could be, for example, "Tomorrow 9 am" or "Tomorrow same time" and whenever no date info is entered in the command, have Ryver auto-assign the default due date.
  3. Once a Task is created, Ryver only gives a confirmation that such task was created if it was created in the user's own chat section and not when a task is created in a team of forum.  And the confirmation is not editable.  Instead, confirmations should:
    1. ALWAYS appear wherever you are.  If on another users chat, it should appear but stating "only visible to you".  In Forums or Teams it could appeare normally so everybody sees it.
    2. Should have the option to edit the task.  You should be able to quickly assign to other users, change title, change description, change due date, etc, etc.

Examples of a very useful Ryver Task creation command would be:

  • /task @user1 in 3 days SujectOfTheTask
  • /task @user1 @user2 in 4 hours SubjectOfTheTask
  • /task @user3 next Thursday SubjectOfTheTask
  • /task @user4 the first Monday of next month SubjectOfTheTask

Desktop client auto reconnect

ivan_takev 8 months ago in Desktop • updated 8 months ago 0

I move frequently in and out of network range and switch between cable and wi-fi.
Very often I would return to network range and find the desktop client telling me it is unable to connect and I need to press connect in order to actually connect. Other messengers that I have would "know" that I am already online and will auto-reconnect. It would be nice if Ryver could do the same, otherwise one would stay offline for long periods although connected to the Internet...


Permissions for deleting/editing messages!!!!

Austin Best 10 months ago in Admin • updated by Mimi 2 weeks ago 11

I have not found this option if it exists, but if it doesn't this is a MUST. In the last week we had an issue with an employee who threatened another employee, luckily the "victim" took a screenshot of the interaction because the "bully" decided to delete all the messages. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO CONTROL WHO CAN DELETE MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either on a user by user (preferred) or user level (Guest/Member/Admin) basis

This is such an easy feature, please dont make this take a year to implement. PLEASE.

For editing, this can also be permissions based or show a "changed" log for what was changed in the post.


Create a role of 'Forum Admin'

ChrisD 1 year ago in Admin 0

I see many ideas being submitted around increasing Admin functionality, but this one is quite specific. As a 'super-admin' I'd like to give rights to a Member to manage their own Forum, and have the same rights over their Forum as I have over all Forums. ie. Be able to sticky posts, edit other peoples' posts, delete posts, within a single Forum.

Under review

Request for threaded chat

Aaron Bartell 1 year ago in Chat • updated by Amin Mohammed 8 months ago 2

In our Ryver community (ibmioss) we have a lot of chats that get promoted to posts and that is very confusing if you started a chat and it was promoted to a post by somebody else (you wonder "where'd it go?"). I then need to go to the posts tab and start looking. Instead it would be good if an existing chat could be marked as a post and that would start a form of indentation within the chat pane. This means the post tab would go away. This would also necessitate a "Filter" feature on the chat pane (maybe refactored to not be named chat, because posts would also be there) that would allow just posts to be displayed.

I don't want to derail this feature that's already planned. But I did want to convey that the current approach is not immediately intuitive (and even after understanding the feature I still get lost).


Email address for each Team/Forum to be able to send posts from any email address

Jimmy Miller 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Rand Hall 1 year ago 5

Similar to how flowdock allows. They give a custom email address for your flowdock account for every discussion. you can send from any email address and it will create a post