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Under review

Ryver Analytics

Ben 2 months ago in Misc • updated by jeff 2 months ago 1

It would be very useful for Admins to have a few pages with analytics summary data and graphs, like Slack has.

As of today 2/7/2018, Slack has the following information in their Analytics page:

In the Overview Tab:
- All-Time Usage
- Messages Sent (by the whole organization)
- Increase/Decrease in qty and percentage of the messages in the last 30 days
- File Storage used (by the whole organization)
- Increase/Decrease in qty and percentage of files in the last 30 days
- Apps and Integrations Installed

- Active Users
- Graph showing Weekly Active users and alternatively Daily active users (over time)

- Public (Forums) and Private (Teams)
- Graph showing 2 tabs: Where people are reading and Where messages are sent.  Percentage in Public Channels, Percentage in Private Channels, Percentage in Direct Messages

- Messages and Files Graph
- Graph showing 2 tabs: Messages sent and Files Uploaded (over time)

In the Channels Tab:
- Qty of Public Channels (forums).  Then a table with the forum names, date created, last active date, Total members, messages posted

In the Members Tab:
- Table with all the members names, user names, email addresses, account creation date.

Under review

Notifications should show the Chat, Topic or Task line (or lines) being reminded in Yellow Highlight

Ben 3 months ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 months ago 1

Right now, when you set a reminder on a chat, once you click on the notification, you see a thin red line above the message you set the reminder on.  However, when you have set a reminder on the title of the topic or a task (not on one of the lines in them), there's no indicator of which part of the topic or task is the one you are being reminded about.  So each time you are looking at a notification, you spend a little bit of time looking for the red line or trying to figure out what part of the screen you are looking at has the issue you are being reminded about.

I propose that whatever you set the reminder on, the notification should show the Chat, Topic or Task line (or lines) being reminded in YELLOW HIGHLIGHT.  So if it's one line, it will highlight that line.  If it's the whole topic or task, highlight the whole thing.  And, if you (Ryver) prefer another highlight color instead of yellow for some reason, it's fine with me.  

Under review

Allow creation of Recurring Reminders

Ben 3 months ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 months ago 1

Sometimes there are some things that need to be done every week or every month.  We could create tasks for them but tasks by themselves don't produce notifications.  Plus, right now there's no recurring tasks either.  

It would be nice to be able to set a recurring reminder, which could work on any message and also on tasks


Tutorial and marketplace for Hubot

Mark Blokpoel 4 months ago in Integrations • updated 4 months ago 0

The documentation for deploying a hubot bot is very poor. It would be nice to see better documentation for writing a Hubot script and deploying it. Even better, if there would be something like a marketplace where the community can share their bots/scripts. This way you can expand Ryver functionality for very low cost, and the users have more features available!


Gantt Chart in Tasks

Eric Jacko 4 months ago • updated by Víctor G. 3 months ago 2

Are there plans to make a gantt view for tasks? Additionaly, the main feature that i used in gantt charts was an estimated 'duration' entry as opposed to a due date. After the project was actually started, then I would populate the start and due dates (or the due date would be pre-populated due to the estimated duration)


Profile: International phone numbers please

RvK 11 months ago in Settings • updated by MarkB 7 months ago 1

Can't input my german phone number into my profile i.e.:

(012345) 6789 876-0 or

+49 (123) 456789 867-0

Ryver knows and accepts only U.S. format:

(123) 456 7890


Tablet screen orientation to portrait instead of landscape

Renan 1 year ago in Mobile 0

Using tablet version the screen orientation is always in landscape. Can you please have an option to make it portrait as oppose to having landscape as it is really hard for our group to read tons of messages. Yeah landscape is ok but only when watch videos but not for reading which we normally use everyday and I think lot of users also do. Thanks

Under review

Statistics for Admin users

WA Raiders Clan 1 year ago in Admin • updated by Ben 3 months ago 6

Would love to be able to generate Ryver usage statistics for all members. These stats would show information for a period specified. Example stats below:

  • How many chat messages a user sent
  • How many posts a user sent
  • Last login
  • Emoticon count
  • etc

Basically stats to show a single users or all users combined activity on Ryver.

Under review

Collapsable Code if 3-back-tick Method used

jake 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Trevor Vaughan 2 years ago 3

When doing code shares, these can be long snippets. Many times the comments within the main post, along with shared pics or links, are tedious to navigate. So if a collapse button were to be right next to the top line of code to collapse only the code between the back-ticks, this would be sweet! (Method Ex.:)


Some means of visually acclimating new users to Ryver

Jeff Berman 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Felixvd 3 months ago 2

If it doesn't already exist, it would be nice to have a mechanism for quickly showing new Ryver users (web) how to use the system. I'm envisioning overlays that appear the first time a new user logs in to show them key features.

We have found in our group that many new users haven't discovered that the "Open Forums" link is clickable, as surprising as this sounds. As a result, their sidebar isn't populated with forums and they aren't even aware that discussions are taking place all around them.

It would be nice if overlays appeared when they first signed on (or perhaps every time they sign on until they enter a forum) encouraging them to click on the Open Forums list to enter the ones that appear interesting to them. Once they do this, perhaps another overlay could appear to point out how the forum is now in their sidebar and how it will change color when new content appears.


better task tracking via convert task to link, embed task id or link in chat, and/or enable task search

mski 4 weeks ago • updated by Ben 3 weeks ago 1

would be great to be able to refer to tasks in conversations or external to ryver (eg in notebook or google doc) and be able to pull up that task record.  Currently we have task ids enabled but it's clumsy to retrieve a given task given its ID - right now I have to just visually scan in the task window.   Beyond this would be great to have conversations referring to particular task ids eg via a tag that  when placed in the post creates a clickable link that zooms me to that task record.


Error when trying to move a file to a reply in a Task

Ben 2 months ago in Desktop 0

Error when trying to move a file to a reply in a Task

Whenever I try to move (drag and drop) a file to a reply in a Task, I get an error (see picture).  Uploading works fine though.

Under review

Double android notifications

Dominic Falcao 3 months ago in Notifications • updated by ryang 2 months ago 5

I get push notifications twice/they appear doubled in notifications bar in Android (though not in app)


Tasks and posts to be visible in the sidebar

Ivan Takev 5 months ago in Desktop • updated by Mahomed 1 month ago 1

We get more and more requests to have tasks and posts visible while in the chat window. Maybe the sidebar can accommodate these. On the desktop version there is plenty of real estate...


Readability like in WhatsApp

RvK 10 months ago in Mobile 0

Compared to Ryver our employees like the readability of WhatsApp and esp. TwistApp much more than Ryver due to friendly bright colors, chat bubbles and bigger font sizes (esp. in the Ryver Smartphone Apps, important).