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Some means of visually acclimating new users to Ryver

Jeff Berman 3 years ago in Misc updated by Felixvd 2 years ago 2

If it doesn't already exist, it would be nice to have a mechanism for quickly showing new Ryver users (web) how to use the system. I'm envisioning overlays that appear the first time a new user logs in to show them key features.

We have found in our group that many new users haven't discovered that the "Open Forums" link is clickable, as surprising as this sounds. As a result, their sidebar isn't populated with forums and they aren't even aware that discussions are taking place all around them.

It would be nice if overlays appeared when they first signed on (or perhaps every time they sign on until they enter a forum) encouraging them to click on the Open Forums list to enter the ones that appear interesting to them. Once they do this, perhaps another overlay could appear to point out how the forum is now in their sidebar and how it will change color when new content appears.


Native app

bartlomiej.szponarski 2 years ago in Mobile 0

Hello, dunno whether there was such a request, but are you planning to release native app's for iOS and android? Reopening and notifications are a mess in current state. Could be very helpful.


Regards! Bartek


Allow Admins to make membership in a Forum AUTOMATIC for all users

Ben 2 years ago in Admin updated 2 years ago 2

Right now the only forum that automatically adds all users is the ALL HANDS.  I suggest that when an creating a Forum, the Admin should be able to choose if joining the forum is voluntary or automatic.  That setting could be toggled at any time by the General Admin or the Forum Admin.

Under review

Double android notifications

Dominic Falcao 2 years ago in Notifications updated by jeff 2 years ago 7

I get push notifications twice/they appear doubled in notifications bar in Android (though not in app)


Outgoing webhooks

Giovanni Beltrame 2 years ago in Integrations 0

Add outgoing webhooks so that for example one can have a "Reports" forum and every post can be exported and converted in a corporate friendly format.


Tasks and posts to be visible in the sidebar

Ivan Takev 2 years ago in Desktop updated by Mahomed 2 years ago 1

We get more and more requests to have tasks and posts visible while in the chat window. Maybe the sidebar can accommodate these. On the desktop version there is plenty of real estate...


Move Tasks List/Column and or specific Card/Task to a different Board/Team/Personal Tasks list

Shay Dabush 2 years ago in Posts updated by Joie 2 years ago 2

- Let's say someone accidentally created a task in the wrong place, he need to be able to move it to the relevant board.

- Sometimes we start a task in a certain place and it's no longer relevant to keep it there as a more suitable/relevant forum/team was created.


Readability like in WhatsApp

RvK 2 years ago in Mobile 0

Compared to Ryver our employees like the readability of WhatsApp and esp. TwistApp much more than Ryver due to friendly bright colors, chat bubbles and bigger font sizes (esp. in the Ryver Smartphone Apps, important).


calendar subscription of task due dates

john 2 years ago updated by Xiaotong Yao 2 years ago 1

Would be great if I could subscribe and get my ryver tasks that have due dates to show up in my calendar program as an ical or other calendar subscription type thing.

Even better would be if those then would have a link that would pull you right to them in the app (web or desktop version).


Ryver Android and iOS App Persistent Connection

Floyd Que 3 years ago in Mobile 0

It would be greate if Ryver will try to use the notification process like FB Messenger or Viber which when you receive the notification and open the App, it is already connected even in slow connections. Currently if I receive a notification and open the app, it takes a while for the message to appear on my app because it is still connecting

Under review

Batch cleaning of messages in a chat

guijarrelson 3 years ago in Chat updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

Sometimes, it is neccesary to clean the messages from a chat to focus in.

Add an option to batch delete messages could be a great feature.


Administrative Control over Guest Account Display Name

Kimeree 3 years ago in Admin updated by Jet Mojica 2 years ago 2

We would like to assign the Display Name for all Guest accounts so that it is obvious to our members that a Guest is present without needing to open the side panel. We would like this to be something the guest can not change and is only available to Admins for alteration.

Under review

clean and compact

mark 3 years ago updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

Slack has clean or compact layouts...one is without pictures which make the layout less cluttered even more. Should be easy to implement, to "hide user pictures in chat"..:-)

Under review

Hide some or all of the email text when repying to an email notification

Andreas 3 years ago in Notifications updated by MarkB 2 years ago 3

When you reply to an email notification the entire email is added to the message when it's added to Ryver. I think that this can be improved at least is could be added as a quote or even better just add a quote with the message that caused the notification.

It could also be changed so that you can decide yourself what should be included if the hidden id is added to the subject instead then I can decide what to include in the body (if I remove everything in the body now the message will not reach Ryver). Alternatively if it can't be placed in the subject use a visible id instead so I can easily remove everything except the id.


Ability to create lists

Dan G 4 years ago updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

the idea here is that during these 1:1 discussions or posts, items may be identified, they may be tasks, or features, or deliverables, etc. It would be super useful to be able to create a new list during a conversation (through a bot tag #list New Features, etc.) and then during the conversation be able to add items to the list, again through some tag or bot. I say "lists" to keep it generic and leave it to the user community to decide what the lists will do. The lists could evolve, ie assign an item in a list to a person, add a due date, add it to a release (for a feature), etc. Endless productive possibilities. Thanks, D