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Web Hooks for integration with popular apps and services

jeff 6 years ago in Integrations updated by anonymous 4 years ago 18

Many popular cloud-based applications and services offer web hooks that get triggered when events take place. Would like the ability to associate those web hooks with the creation of a chat message in Ryver. Ideally, Ryver would have built-in message formatting support for a bunch of popular services, rather than requiring custom implementation.

Under review

Eddy Bot /todo and /reminder functions please!

theceowarrior 5 years ago in Integrations updated by Jerry 5 years ago 3

A to-do list and personal reminders are a must for me. I use these two functions currently with Slack's in-house bot daily. It keeps everything i need to know in one central place. These two functions and the Google Drive integration are the only reasons I haven't fully switched over from Slack. Looking forward to growing with you!!


Custom slash commands

Jon 5 years ago in Integrations updated by ryang 4 years ago 4

The ability to create new /commands which would be seamlessly incorporated with the built-in set. For example, you might set up a command with parameters that takes the form (say):

/trello [task name] @[person] +[tag]

which would invoke a web service (provided by the user) which in this case would create a trello task in a board related to the chat forum, and assign user and label.

It would be useful to be able to initiate outbound integrations manually in this way, as a complement to automatic integrations (webhooks), while being much easier to set up than scraping tools (hubot).

Perhaps there's a configuration page in Ryver that lets you define the URL and parameters for the web service, or perhaps it might work in a similar way to the Trello "powerup" function (very flexible, and worth a look on developers.trello.com).

Under review

Add autoresponses from eddy for specific inputs

Scott S 6 years ago in Integrations updated by Suman 3 years ago 6

In your competitors application they allow you to setup their bot to auto-respond with custom responses to custom inputs.


Scott: listofservers

bot: one.com | two.com | three.com

My team used that feature heavily, and it would be great if it could be mirrored here.


Outlook Plugin for sharing emails and discussing them

jeff 6 years ago in Integrations updated by Kimeree 2 years ago 6

Would like to have an Outlook plugin that supports sharing an email to Ryver as a "Shared Email" Post, allowing my team to discuss the email in the comments section. It would work similarly to how the current Ryver Chrome Extension works with Gmail.


Ryver Integration with GURU

Ben 4 years ago in Integrations 0

We use Guru (https://www.getguru.com) for Knowledge Management.  Slack allows us to use /Guru and ask for anything we need to know (/Guru SearchTerm).  We would like RYVER to have that capability too.


Have a dedicated Task List

Fresh Medley 5 years ago in Integrations updated by jeff 4 years ago 8

Hey guys..it would be awesome to have a dedicated task list within Ryver app itself. Currently even with setting up zapier to use something like Asana, doesn't work too well (frequently has issues of connecting). Having a built in task list would be awesome, so we can assign tasks to users within a team and see what's done and left to be done.


Tutorial and marketplace for Hubot

Mark Blokpoel 4 years ago in Integrations updated 4 years ago 0

The documentation for deploying a hubot bot is very poor. It would be nice to see better documentation for writing a Hubot script and deploying it. Even better, if there would be something like a marketplace where the community can share their bots/scripts. This way you can expand Ryver functionality for very low cost, and the users have more features available!


Ryver integration with IFTTT

Daniel B 4 years ago in Integrations 0

Please integrate with IFTTT. Zapier is ok, but I much prefer IFTTT. Thank you!

Under review

Include many NATIVE integrations

Ben 4 years ago in Integrations updated by info 2 years ago 2

Right now, Ryver only integrates with Zapier.  There's the Webhooks option, but seems to require some level of technical knowledge.  Most users will probably not be able to use Webhooks easily.  And even Zaps are not so easy for the common user.

Slack has hundreds of native integrations: https://slack.com/apps

Ryver should actively seek native integrations with the most popular apps out there.  Native integrations promote the use of Ryver and can help current Ryver users get more "juice" from Ryver.