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kg 10 months ago in Integrations 0


UserEcho has Slack integration. I tried to use it to integrate with Ryver. Apparently the message syntax sent by UserEcho slack integration is not supported by Ryver. I have created slack webhook in Ryver and feed it to UserEcho and it did not work.

This is strange for me as you are also using UserEcho as customer support portal. Please revert with your comments 


Paid acces for Private selected Teams or Forums

MyNameIsMJ 11 months ago in Integrations 0

I would like to charge a fee to allow users accessing selected Forums or Private teams ... Sure, I can do it manually ... and invite the person after he/she paid me by paypal ... But ... I'd like something automated .. maybe thru GoPaywall ? or similar ?


API: support "channel" field in incoming JSON payload

Peter 1 year ago in Integrations • updated by jeff 2 months ago 1

Ryver could instantly support a wide range of existing Slack integrations if it replicated the "channel" field a la the Slack API: https://api.slack.com/incoming-webhooks#customizations_for_custom_integrations (scroll down a few lines to the "Channel override" section).

In short, if "channel" is specified in the JSON for an incoming message, the room specified in the webhook URL would be overridden and the message would be directed to the appropriate room.

There are many existing Slack integrations that direct messages in this way, so by adding this field to the Ryver API, Ryver could instantly support all of these Slack integrations with no special setup required from users.

Under review

3rd Party Organizations via in app Ryver-Web-Browser

jake 1 year ago in Integrations • updated 1 year ago 2

So I have a marketing idea in the end, but really its a functionality and efficiency thing too.
I wonder if it is possible to have an organization from another company in the organizations list.

What it would take is a browser like window in Ryver. I currently have 3 Ryver organizations.. a couple elsewhere.. leaving them nameless. So I see it as an attractive venture to have other 'circle shapes' here in the list which opens a browser in the main window. You would set the settings up for the organization as a url, then you simply go through the motions of that platform as if you had logged-in on the web. This way the information pipeline is not managed by Ryver, all Ryver has to do is make sure it has a working web browser.

Result: All 5 of my organizations in one platform in one list. Since Ryver is free, it may be a tool to help secure the new user that is on the fence due to having too many platforms between social/professional organizations.

Under review

Provide access to user profile card details for bot actions

Bill Gravelle 1 year ago in Integrations • updated 1 year ago 2

I just found Timezone.io today and am experimenting with it in the context of a Hubot script (GitHub repo). I definitely see the appeal of exposing this detail to our community. I just don't like the idea of forcing them to register for a new service, simply to provide the detail that already exists inside Ryver.

It would be great to have bot actions to set the current timezone (for when we're traveling). It also would be great to have the bot action contextually get the current timezones for members - in the Direct Message, the Private Team, the Open Forum or the Organization.

Under review

Easy integration with video services

Bill Gravelle 1 year ago in Integrations • updated by jeff 1 year ago 2

How about a customizable slash command to fire up a WebRTC service like https://appear.in/? That would allow us to immediately fire up a group video conversation within our Ryver platform ...

PS - It would be great to allow our own settings in case we're using something different in the future. Again, As previously mentioned, we would be happy have those settings in EddyBot (similar to the Enrollment URL interface), so as to simplify the coding effort. After all, it's really only something we use once or twice in an Admin role ...


Add .mp4 Integration

TheZopo 2 years ago in Integrations 0

Simply add the .mp4 videos integration. From Twitter for exemple.