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Under review

Sort teams and forums

Jimmy Miller 5 years ago in Navigation updated by Chris Drake 4 years ago 6

Ability to drag and drop to change the order of your teams and forums in the sidebar

Under review

Chat / Post search results sortable by person, date, attachments, etc.

Albert 6 years ago in Navigation updated by anonymous 2 years ago 6

One of the main draws of Ryver is the unlimited storage of past Chats and Posts. But what good are they if you can't find them when you need them? I'd like a nice little search results interface that lets me filter or sort the search results. In effect, searching WITHIN the search results.


Ability to sort unread notifications by oldest or most recent, as required

Ben 4 years ago in Navigation 0

Right now, the default sort for notifications is most recent first.  I usually have by default only the UNREAD notifications.  But when I have too many, it takes time to scroll down to the bottom.  

I would like to have a button to quickly sort by oldest one first or by most recent first, as the situation requires.


More Filter on task stream

Viktor 4 years ago in Navigation updated by Lisa Woodring 2 years ago 1

It would be nice if Ryver put filter on Task Stream as it implemented in Task Tab, Our team daily routine is go to task stream and filter "Assigned to Me" at this moment it filled with Task that already done and not done, which is bit messy... if you can filter by "Not Done" only OR by specific "Tag" it would be more productive flow

Under review

Contacts information and Calendar of Activities... It would be great..!!!

Juan Carlos Otero 6 years ago in Navigation updated by CARLOS - EL COACH 4 years ago 3

Thank you, can we have Contacts information ( Prospects, Clients, Personal Contact, Provider, Employee, Contractor ) and Calendar of Activities? It would be great


Search in the left panel: to quickly find any team, user or forum

i1pro 2 years ago in Navigation 0

I spend so much time looking for the person or team I want to chat with.   A search for these would be very helpful!


Ability to move/resize the desktop app left divider by an arbitrary amount.

Fore 5 years ago in Navigation updated by Joseph Banass 5 years ago 1

Sometimes the name we assign to a forum may be a little long. The names get cut off due to the fixed size of the left pane. We request that this be re-sizable to allow for more room to identify a forum.


Add "Go back" navigation feature

Jeff Berman 5 years ago in Navigation updated by Jon 5 years ago 2

Perhaps this goes against the Ryver UX philosophy, but I find myself constantly searching for a "Back" button that would return me to whichever view I was previously on.

The Ryver system lets you link between posts and forums, but provides no way to return. This forces you to have to navigate back to the original forum/post to continue on with what you were reading. It would be great to have this "Go back" functionality.

Under review

Account switcher for browser (not just mobile)

Ian 5 years ago in Navigation updated by jeff 5 years ago 1

Would be nice if the account switcher side bar will also be in the browser page not just the mobile or desktop app.


Home Page Option

mhorace 3 years ago in Navigation 0

When restarting Ryver, it picks up where you last left off. This is often confusing and disorienting. It's like opening up the NY Times app and instead of it showing you the latest news, it shows you the last article you were reading. The majority of the time I log in, I'm not intending to pick up where I left off; I want to assess the latest information and then navigate as I see fit. 

Just as Outlook and many other apps, When starting or logging into Ryver, I would like it to give the user an option to either start on a home page  or pick up where I left off (actually the latter would be a welcome button on the home page). Even better if the user could tailor this to their own preferences such as show unread notifications (with previews), show latest activities, show current, overdue, or upcoming tasks/task reminders, etc.