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Under review

Calendars for teams

Bjoern Voss 6 years ago in Misc updated by Chase 1 year ago 7

It would be great to have a calendar for teams to organize meetings, post events that are of interest to the team and so on. One can also think of nice integrations with this feature, e.g. a shared team calendar synced to google calendar.

Under review

Search of uploaded files

jeff 6 years ago in Misc updated by anonymous 2 years ago 4

Would like uploaded PDFs and other files to be indexed in Ryver search, so that I can search for a word or phrase and it will be found in a PDF that I attached to a Post.


Hashtag auto-complete

jeff 6 years ago in Misc updated by martin 5 years ago 3

When typing a #hashtag in a chat, post or comment, would like to see an auto-complete pop-up showing existing hashtags that match the text being typed. This will help prevent similar or mis-spelled hashtags.

Under review

Provide a "Last Seen" Date/Time in user profile cards.

jeff 6 years ago in Misc updated by RyverMan 3 years ago 4

Would like to be able to see when a user was last seen online in the app. For some people, it is obvious because they create lots of content. For others, would be nice to know if they're just being passive, or if they haven't even logged in for a week.


Recurring Tasks (Task Manager Feature Requests)

Corvin Adkins 4 years ago in Misc updated by Piotr 3 years ago 6

Have the ability to have tasks that reoccur at intervals (which can be set either as a fixed date or variable 'smart' date') be part of the task manager.  Example: take out trash every week on Friday (this would be considered a variable 'smart date'), Go Grocery Shopping on the 15th of every month (a fixed date).   

Under review

Read receipt

Tony 6 years ago in Misc updated by Kyle 3 years ago 7

I would like to see if/when an item has been read. In a private chat this would be the day/time that the message was read; in a forum perhaps implemented as a "seen by #" count that could be expanded by clicking to list those that have viewed the message/post/reply

Under review

Convert teams & forums between each other (private -> public & vice-versa

Roy Nasser 6 years ago in Misc updated by Olie 3 years ago 16

I realize this may not be an easy task, but its something that after a long time slack finally implemented and it is useful more frequently than I would have thought...

Often we are discussing something in a private group and end up invitng so many people it would make more sense to have it as an open channel... Having the history "copied" over, is something essential however...

The opposite also happens in some cases where a public channel starts taking on a strategic twist, and we want to segreagate some content from teh entire team be it for a long time or just temporarily (for example when we do bugathons/hackathons, we start with a public channel, and then convert to private when devs want to just get their heads down... This isnt the best example but its one I've come accross)...

This functionality would also be very useful in importing from Slack... I have discussed/proposed a possible workflow that would allow us to import private & public channels from slack instead of the public ones only as per today's limitation.

The proposed idea is:

- Admin disables all users on Slack

- Admin (or group of admins) convert all private channels to public and rename them with a prefix (ex: priv_****) or something in order to keep track of them

- Admin runs import to Ryver

- [Missing ryver functionality proposed>>] At this point, in Ryver, the Admin can make all the priv_*** channels private, and rename them appropriately

- After doing this, the Admin can then invite the users into Ryver.

- Migration completed :)

I assume there would be some manual work (in slack: renaming, making public, and then in ryver: rnaming, making private), but I would argue this is something that most admins would be willing to do... at least for groups that matter... We have some very large private groups, and its one of the reasons we dont migrate from Slack paid into Ryver yet... (This and admin restrictions for group creation)... Anyways, I'm not sure how complex this may be from a data standpoint within Ryver, but it would help with the 2 areas... Importing & General communication flow...


Bookmark or "Favorite" a chat, comment or post

jeff 6 years ago in Misc updated by anonymous 2 years ago 8

The current Reminder feature on Posts/Comments can be used as a poor man's bookmarking mechanism, but would prefer an explicit way to bookmark both posts/comments AND particular chat messages, and have an easy way to get to them in a "bookmarks" or "favorites" list.

Custom user-centric tagging would be a bonus as an extension of this feature...allowing the user to put a #tag on any chat, post or comment that is just for that user's reference in future searches.


Integrate a Voice Communication Tool or Improve Google Hangouts Integration

Isaac de la Fuente 6 years ago in Misc updated by bdayedgar 5 years ago 21

Quick calls with team members is a must-have feature and the Current Google Hangout integration is clunky. It also cannot support calls of more than 10 people (because it defaults to a video call). I think there are several options that could greatly improve this experience.

  1. Update the Google Hangout Button so it creates the Hangout and then posts this hangout url into the team chat or direct message. This will allow one person to create the call and the rest of the members will see that call in the Chat area and can click to join.
  2. Update the Google Hangout Link to Open in the Google Hangouts Desktop App if Present. We use Google Hangouts and have it open on our computer but the Ryver Link that is created opens a url in the browser. When clicked, we have the Hangouts App Open but we're forced to hang out in the browser. Very frustrating.
  3. OR - Create your own voice application in Ryver (like your competitor just released in Beta) that will allow teams to call each other directly!
  4. OR - Create a strong integration with another VOIP partner or Skype. For example linking skype usernames to Ryver users and one click access to call them or a group.

The reality is that it's tough to completely ditch our previous communication tools when we don't have a simple one-click method to talk with each other.

Under review

Group teams, forums or users in nav bar (like a folder structure)

JP A TOCNIC 6 years ago in Misc updated by Alejandro Castillon 5 years ago 5

My suggestion is that may have sub privates teams like a sub-folders.
A big difference