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E-Mail to Ryver organization ("My Inbox"?) or forum or team or as direct message

RvK 2 years ago in Misc 0

As we use teams or forums or direct messages for project purposes, we would like to foward external E-Mails to our Ryver organization to something like a "My Inbox". 

And from "My Inbox", the E-Mails could be moved to a forum / team / directly as chat or post.

Or - like Trello cards - a forum or team or member has it's individual e-mail adress.

Best regards from Germany,


Under review

Support anonymous, read-only access

Bill Gravelle 3 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

Our group is migrating from several other services and is concerned about the loss of openness. In our case, we would support anyone from the general public to read any of the Open Forums (similar to Gitter chat).

This would be especially important if we were to post links from our Open Forums to a public site - currently, unless the reader has an account within our group, then that link is useless. We would like to have some switch setting (via Eddy Bot) that would enable this support.

Obviously, the anonymous reader would not be able to comment or make any modification; but at least this feature would help our transparency and ease some of members hesitance to move across to Ryver.


Every task should have a changelog

Aar 5 months ago in Misc • updated 5 months ago 0

Tasks should have a changelog displaying time information for actions, including when

  • a checklist item was marked or unmarked complete,
  • a task was completed or "un-completed",
  • a task's category was moved or archived, and
  • a task was edited.

This will give a good idea of the timeframe at which a task is being completed.


Show the time of day of a created task

Aar 5 months ago in Misc 0

Currently, tasks on their task page do not show the time of day. The page only show the month, day, and the year (e.g. 9/28/2018). 

Considering how forum posts do show the time of day at which a post was created, this seems reasonable to add. Even when you mark a task as completed, it will tell you the time of day at which the task was completed.


Add Sections to categorize tasks in the List view

Dado 1 year ago in Misc 0

Add the possibility of adding Sections to categorize tasks in the List view (like in Asana for example). This would also allow moving back and forth from the List and Board view without loosing the tasks!

Under review

See the Forums a user is in

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 2 years ago in Misc • updated 2 years ago 2

Exactly how you can view what Teams you share with another user, have the option (at least as an Admin) to view what Forums a user belongs to.


Keep Composed Messages When Connection Is Lost

Oli Chance 3 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 3 years ago 2

Currently, if you're composing a message and the connection is lost, the message is also lost. This can be infuriating, especially when putting together something complicated, and especially because there are occasional short (and seemingly inexplicable) connection drops that can pop up, cause a message to be lost, and then disappear again.
Would it be possible to make Ryver keep the message even if the connection is lost?


Free Trial Extension

Erika 6 months ago in Misc 0

Maybe consider giving more to free users or your program? 6 seems to be an extremely small amount, even for free. Perhaps 10-15. Slack, our old program allowed unlimited members, even though there was a message limit. We are actually considering going back because we cannot afford more members.


The Tasks section becomes unresponsive when there are too many Tasks

Ben 7 months ago in Misc 0

When a Task section has over 600 or 700 active tasks, it's starts becoming unresponsive.  As tasks increase, it first takes a few seconds to load, but then it can become completely unresponsive and the tasks won't load at all.

This happened to me.  I was adding old tasks I had in my outlook, with the idea of working on them or assigning it to other people on my company.  First it was only a couple seconds delay.   Days passed and as I added more tasks the delay started to grow to 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.  Got to the point that it took a few minutes and sometimes it just would not load.  I had to retry several times until it finally loaded, and I had no choice but to reverse the process: I started copying the tasks back to my outlook and deleting them from Ryver.

This shouldn't happen.  Alternatively, Ryver should mention that users should not have more than X qty of active tasks.


Filter by task id in task view / link to task

Stefan 9 months ago in Misc 0


if you have many tasks it becomes difficult to find a specific task id. It would be nice to have additional filter for the task id in the task view. Helpful would be as well if I could have a task url or could reference to a task like to teams e.g. +TASK-10 

Hope many people would like to have this.