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Under review

Support anonymous, read-only access

Bill Gravelle 2 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Our group is migrating from several other services and is concerned about the loss of openness. In our case, we would support anyone from the general public to read any of the Open Forums (similar to Gitter chat).

This would be especially important if we were to post links from our Open Forums to a public site - currently, unless the reader has an account within our group, then that link is useless. We would like to have some switch setting (via Eddy Bot) that would enable this support.

Obviously, the anonymous reader would not be able to comment or make any modification; but at least this feature would help our transparency and ease some of members hesitance to move across to Ryver.

Under review

See the Forums a user is in

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 1 year ago in Misc • updated 1 year ago 2

Exactly how you can view what Teams you share with another user, have the option (at least as an Admin) to view what Forums a user belongs to.


Keep Composed Messages When Connection Is Lost

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

Currently, if you're composing a message and the connection is lost, the message is also lost. This can be infuriating, especially when putting together something complicated, and especially because there are occasional short (and seemingly inexplicable) connection drops that can pop up, cause a message to be lost, and then disappear again.
Would it be possible to make Ryver keep the message even if the connection is lost?



VPHrishikesh Kokate 2 months ago in Misc 0

Open forums and private teams are great, but, I think, an addition of open (and private) boradcasts. In boradcasts, only the creator of the list (and the members he/she invites him/her self) only can post or message and others can only read. Basically, read only forums (or teams) for almost all and read/write for some would be great. It'll enable us to create an announcement broadcast list, for example. We might be wanting to post important announcements and not let it get spamed by other messages.


Manage Tags should allow Manually Ordering the Tags

Sandro Ferreira 3 months ago in Misc 0

At this point we are using Tags as a way to implement Custom Fields that we had in Asana. So the Tags in Ryver are being used quite often and because of that they are very important and should be able to be Manually Ordered, so that is is easier to separate them in "groups" or "sections" of related Tags.


Images in Task Cards

Joie 5 months ago in Misc 0

I would like to be able to embed images into the task card, visible from the board view like in Trello


Moving tasks on high resolution screens / or with long task lists bugs out

Mark Blokpoel 6 months ago in Misc • updated 5 months ago 1

These might be two separate bugs.

1. When I move a task from one category to another, the task sometimes does not "follow" my mouse and starts glitching all over the place. The scrolling panes in turn also start glichting and I cannot move the task with any accuracy, I have to guess where it will end up. This most often happens working on a high resolution screen (e.g., my 4k screen at home). It happens both in the browser (newest chrome version) and the desktop version (Ryver's older chrome version) and both on my windows PC and my MacBook.

2. With a very long task list (18 tasks one category, not that many tasks in my line of work), moving a task causes the internal vertical scroll bar of the category to glitch out and move to infinity. The task box I am moving then get's "stuck" in the top left corner and it stays there even when I then browse to a forum, chat, what have you. See attached screenshot.

These two issues make working with tasks on my Macbook pro retina and 4k screen pc really frustrating.


Add Sections to categorize tasks in the List view

Dado 6 months ago in Misc 0

Add the possibility of adding Sections to categorize tasks in the List view (like in Asana for example). This would also allow moving back and forth from the List and Board view without loosing the tasks!


Print button on Tasks and Posts

Zander 6 months ago in Misc 0

Sometimes we write posts or create tasks that we would link to print a hard copy of to keep in our physical files. A print button on Tasks would be appreciated. The option to download as PDF would also be acceptable.


Add "from:" filtering function to Search

Canned Karma 8 months ago in Misc 0

Slack's search function allows you to type "from:[team member name]", which is incredibly useful when trying to find their previous messages or files. That string can also be further filtered by typing "in:[channel/forum name]" I would love to see this implemented in Ryver as well!