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RTL Support (Right To Left)

Rezayarr 1 year ago in Misc 0

Dear Sir,

There are many languages which are using Right To Left script, (RTL)

If Ryver is not supporting RTL, the content of the following languages are not displayed correctly, thus making it very difficult to read and understand correctly, because one will lose the sentence correct format.


The following languages all use RTL

·                                 Arabic.

·                                 Aramaic.

·                                 Azeri.

·                                 Dhivehi/Maldivian.

·                                 Hebrew.

·                                 Kurdish (Sorani)

·                                 Persian/Farsi.

·                                 Urdu.

Therefore, it would highly be appreciated if you could pay an urgent attention to this problem and bring it up with your technical team.

I am a hundred percent sure, that if you try RTL support Ryver, this will give you an edge over the similar programs. E.g. Slack etc….

We are looking forward to your positive respond.

Kind regards,



Add Sections to categorize tasks in the List view

Dado 2 years ago in Misc 0

Add the possibility of adding Sections to categorize tasks in the List view (like in Asana for example). This would also allow moving back and forth from the List and Board view without loosing the tasks!


Print button on Tasks and Posts

Zander 2 years ago in Misc 0

Sometimes we write posts or create tasks that we would link to print a hard copy of to keep in our physical files. A print button on Tasks would be appreciated. The option to download as PDF would also be acceptable.


E-Mail to Ryver organization ("My Inbox"?) or forum or team or as direct message

RvK 2 years ago in Misc 0

As we use teams or forums or direct messages for project purposes, we would like to foward external E-Mails to our Ryver organization to something like a "My Inbox". 

And from "My Inbox", the E-Mails could be moved to a forum / team / directly as chat or post.

Or - like Trello cards - a forum or team or member has it's individual e-mail adress.

Best regards from Germany,


Under review

Support anonymous, read-only access

Bill Gravelle 3 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

Our group is migrating from several other services and is concerned about the loss of openness. In our case, we would support anyone from the general public to read any of the Open Forums (similar to Gitter chat).

This would be especially important if we were to post links from our Open Forums to a public site - currently, unless the reader has an account within our group, then that link is useless. We would like to have some switch setting (via Eddy Bot) that would enable this support.

Obviously, the anonymous reader would not be able to comment or make any modification; but at least this feature would help our transparency and ease some of members hesitance to move across to Ryver.


Give permission for others to view your personal tasks

midijay 3 months ago in Misc 0

Seeing as there is a personal tasks feature it would make sense to be able to give view/edit permissions on them. Managers may want to see their direct report's tasks. And high up people may want their PA to organise theirs.


meeting agendas

midijay 3 months ago in Misc 0

we all run meetings and there is no good solution in the market for a great way to collaboratively build a agenda, run the meeting and assign action items as an outcome. Doing this inside the company communication platform would be a dream and a product in itself.

i see there have been requests for a calendar in the past and these 2 features could integrate.

I would see "meetings" as a separate tab like topics/tasks. A meeting could be a lot like a topic. The description could be a list that is editable by team members. When you run the meeting you could type up comments on each agenda item. these could just be threaded comments for each agenda item. Then if any "comment" required action it could be converted to a task and quickly assigned to the appropriate team member.

i can thing of more lavish designs but this approach would require minimal development working within the parameters of what ryver already does well.


Task - checklist - SAVE button

AndrejG 4 months ago in Misc • updated by marko.vlaovic 4 months ago 1

When a checklist has more than just a few items, while adding a new item, SAVE and CANCEL buttons are not visible and it happens that I forget to use the SAVE. My suggestion is to have both buttons at the bottom, near the ADD ITEM... button.


Every task should have a changelog

Aar 10 months ago in Misc • updated 10 months ago 0

Tasks should have a changelog displaying time information for actions, including when

  • a checklist item was marked or unmarked complete,
  • a task was completed or "un-completed",
  • a task's category was moved or archived, and
  • a task was edited.

This will give a good idea of the timeframe at which a task is being completed.


Manage Tags should allow Manually Ordering the Tags

Sandro Ferreira 1 year ago in Misc 0

At this point we are using Tags as a way to implement Custom Fields that we had in Asana. So the Tags in Ryver are being used quite often and because of that they are very important and should be able to be Manually Ordered, so that is is easier to separate them in "groups" or "sections" of related Tags.