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Under review

Ability to customize app color scheme

Orlando Sánchez 5 years ago in Settings updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2

The Ryver web/desktop app have both a nice color scheme. Anyway, as the users all are different, the ability to change using a few color sets or even fully customize app colors for all the items (for example top bar is blue, buttons are turquoise, sidebar is gray by default) would be a big step on making the product a universal one.


Ryver localization / internationalization

Ondřej Hudeček 5 years ago in Settings updated by Vance Yzbick 11 months ago 10

Hello guys, I appreciate your work, I am glad our small team based in Czechia will have a communication platform for "affordable" price ;)

I hope you had started Ryver development with future internationalization in mind and would not have problems adding more languages to your app in future. We are just fine with English, but maybe one day when you start adding languages I will gladly help you with translation to Czech :-) I believe that is a load of your mind, right? :))

I wish you all best and thank you for both being smart and brave and giving Ryver to us.



Provide option to hide email address from User Profile and User lists

jeff 6 years ago in Settings updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 4 years ago 13

1. Allow users to specify whether their email address should be shown in their Profile and user lists.

2. Allow the Admin to force hiding of email address for all users


Custom User Status Messages & Changes to DM List Display

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago in Settings updated by SBW-admin 2 years ago 7

A user currently has 4 options for their status: Available, Away, DND, and Offline. Please add custom message descriptions to these options. Perhaps I am Available but working remotely. Or I'm in a meeting, or on a phone call. Our staff rely heavily on custom descriptions with our current messaging platform, and this is a major loss when switching to Ryver.

Building on this request, please make a few changes to the DM List display:

  • Allow filtering of DM by who's online
  • Display the custom status messages descriptions in the DM List
  • Collapse the DM list into fewer lines. Maybe the @ name is on the same line as the display name.

Fix User Desktop Statuses

Isaac de la Fuente 6 years ago in Settings updated by JonO 3 years ago 11

Currently Ryver places you in the "away" status if you are not actively using Ryver. This means that I'm often at my computer working but my team thinks I'm "away" because I'm not actively clicking on the Ryver application.

If I'm active at my computer then my status should be Available. This is how all of our other communication apps work like Skype. Since using Ryver we have no way of accurately gauging who is actually available and who is not.


Allow Team Creator To Set New Team Admin And Then Leave A Team

Stephanie Henyard 4 years ago in Settings 0

When trying to leave a team that is no longer relevant, if that person created the team, they cannot leave. Even after setting another team member as admin of that team, the creator cannot leave. This setup ensures several staff are on teams they no longer need to participate in, since the remaining team members want to retain the data meaning we can't archive.

Please allow the creator of a team to name a successor and then depart. 


Forum Moderators

Corvin Adkins 4 years ago in Settings updated by FHTheron 3 years ago 1

Allow Admins to select certain member to act as Forum Moderators 


Profile: International phone numbers please

RvK 4 years ago in Settings updated by MarkB 4 years ago 1

Can't input my german phone number into my profile i.e.:

(012345) 6789 876-0 or

+49 (123) 456789 867-0

Ryver knows and accepts only U.S. format:

(123) 456 7890


Date format

ChrisJ 3 years ago in Settings updated by dex black 1 year ago 1

Allow use of date format other than US format. E.g. dd/mm/yyyy

Under review

Add setting in a Forum Profile to set default view of forum (posts or chat)

Nate Y 6 years ago in Settings updated by RyverMan 4 years ago 3

In the case of using a forum as a forum of posts, it would be nice to be able to set the view to posts by default instead of chat