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Under review

User polls/polling in Forums and Teams

jeff 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 1 year ago 4

Would like to be able to set up a poll within a forum or team and have users vote. The poll would display the results prominently. Perhaps this would be a special type of Post on the POSTS tab.


Mark a Post as "archived" or "completed"

jeff 2 years ago in Posts • updated 3 months ago 10

Would like to be able to archive an individual post in a Forum or Team, and to be able to filter the POSTS tab so that it only shows the "active" posts.

Under review

Allow other users to edit a Post on a team

jeff 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Matt Golman 1 week ago 7

Please add an option to give other users edit rights on a post, allowing me to create a post, but have others collaborate directly by editing the post. The options would be to allow Team Admins to edit the post, or all Team Members.

Under review

Save draft

Alberto 2 years ago in Posts • updated by emily_moran 1 year ago 5

Safe draft of a chat or post adding a button next to "Post"

Under review

Nesting of Group Posts

Wayne 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4

Replies to a post show up in the order submitted. This can make it hard to follow along, even if someone includes text from the previous post. It would be useful to me if the replies were nested under their parent; being collapsible would also be nice.


Option to set order of Sticky Posts

DavidC 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Anthony 6 days ago 2

Right now stickies are displayed in order of Last is First. When setting a series of stickies as 1), 2), 3) etc it would be helpful to have the option to display them alphanumerically.


Email address for each Team/Forum to be able to send posts from any email address

Jimmy Miller 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Rand Hall 1 year ago 5

Similar to how flowdock allows. They give a custom email address for your flowdock account for every discussion. you can send from any email address and it will create a post


Reminder Date / Time

Kimeree 1 year ago in Posts • updated by Ben 3 weeks ago 1

It would be nice to be able to pick a specific date and time versus needing to add the exact number of hours from the current time into the future. Ex. If it is 4:40 pm my time and I say remind me in 1 day it will remind me tomorrow at 4:40 pm. If I want it to remind me at 8am the next day I would have to set it for 15 hours which would return it at 7:40 am. Not an issue if it is just one day but from Friday to Monday it becomes challenging. :-)


Show Who Has Seen a Post

joemar1988 1 year ago in Posts • updated by Ali 1 year ago 1

It would be useful if there was an icon for each user below the last post a user has viewed. This would allow other users to know who has seen their post. Sometimes even if a user is not idle, they may not notice a post and then never look at that forum.

Under review

Add Chats to Existing Post

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Posts • updated by emily_moran 1 year ago 2

Promoting Chats to a Post is an amazing feature! But what if someone continues talking about the topic outside of the post. It'd be great to be able to add those chats to the Post after it's been created.