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Schedule Future Post

mike.walzl 5 months ago in Posts • updated by CARLOS - EL COACH 4 months ago 1

Ability to have posts in Draft form or future schedule so that post can be created, and posted at a specified time/date. This keeps a post from getting "buried" in the stream at the time when it would be most relevant. 

As a workaround - we create a post and toggle archive it, and when we want it to display, we un-toggle and sticky it to the top of the post feed.


Organize posts in columns (trello style)

joserene 9 months ago in Posts • updated by Hans-Guenther Schwarz 4 months ago 1

It would make Ryver a killer app if the posts could be more than just conversations in historical order. If they could be organized in columns like trello or at least categorized within a group it would make it so much more useful.

Under review

Draft/Publish support for posts

emily_moran 1 year ago in Posts • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

This would be SO helpful! I too often have multiple in-progress posts at a time, so being able to save as a draft (if not have the autosave like gmail) would be very valuable.

Additionally—and please let me know if this should be a separate post?—I'm wondering if there is a way to even mark certain posts by stages that are only accessible by specific team members and/or user level?

For example, I have a "Can You Help Me" forum where I make posts of open tasks and positions for volunteers. For a while I was posting even lose concepts of teams/positions in there with a note in the description that it would be "fleshed out later."

While the forum is open to everyone on my team, I sometimes work on the development of certain position descriptions/task structures with 1-2 team members.

At the moment, I created a separate private team and copy/pasted in those that weren't fully developed. But if there was some form of gradation like Draft/In Review/Published, with the ability to dictate who can see what level (if not by individual than maybe by Guest vs Member vs Admin, it would save a lot of workaround time.

This of course may be totally negated if the ability to move posts arises... Then I suppose having a "in the works" team or something could work... but would still be more functional the alternate way.

Again please let me know if I should make this a separate post (excepting the 1st 2 sentences) ;D

Under review

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Gerhard du Toit 1 year ago in Posts • updated by Mimi 9 months ago 3

Debates typically (should) end in a final decision.

There should be an easy why to flag/tag/status/whatever it and it should be very easy to find all final decisions. Even if this feature is only available in on posts for private teams as this is typically where the shortcoming is. Once available it could be very useful everywhere else.

This is the ONE feature I find missing from Ryver (and almost any other tool).

As to how to implement in Ryver . . . i leave that up to you guys, sure you'll come up with a nifty plan.

Quick suggestion . . .

A comment (message) with a specific flag/tag/status/whatever that can be set only with the relevant access credentials.

Under review

Add Evernote as file attachment option

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Posts • updated by CARLOS - EL COACH 4 months ago 2

Please add Evernote to the list of file attachment integrations. My office has recently taken to Evernote as a fish does to water and being able to link these notes to our Ryver posts and discussions would be very helpful.

Under review

Improve interface and usability with posts.

Jarrod 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

My users find the interface confusing when up to 3 boxes pop out from the right of screen when clicking on posts. If the underlying interface greyed-out, it would make it much clearer to users what they were looking at.

Greyed-out underlying window would help users understand they are editing the post.

Also confusion to why the same post pops out from the right when you click on a post title? Very Confusing!

Pin to menu button on posts. So important Posts can also sit on the menu quickly accessible.

Very randomy, some posts would apear pinned to the menu, however I can find no way to recreate it.

Under review

Post Streams: names of forum/team not updated

Charles 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Try updating the name of a forum or team and check your post streams.

New names aren't updated in the list


1. Ryver wrote a post for "idea forum"

2. change idea to "new idea forum"

3. Check post streams -> new name not updated -> we should see Ryver wrote a post for "new idea forum" instead of "idea forum"

minor bug, but still a bug

Under review

Change Post Reminders Icon To Indicate A Reminder Has Been Set

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Posts • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

On a Post or Post comment, if you click "Remind me about this Post" it prompts for the reminder duration. Once chosen, there's no further indication that a Reminder has been set. A user just set herself 9 reminders for the same Post.

Please change Reminders to work like the other Post buttons - turn the icon blue to indicate a reminder has been set. Once it's blue, clicking the icon again should show the previous setting - to remind in X time, but also give the option to change the timeframe or remove the reminder. Upon removing a reminder, the icon should change back to white.


Topic notification in any particular forum

RyverMan 2 days ago in Posts 0

Topic notification in any particular forum appear to have three options,

New Topic created

New Topics and Replies (auto-subscribe)

Only Topics I'm participating in

There is no option to stop ALL Topic notifications in any particular forum. This would be easy to add, and reduced notifications would reduce server load


Tasks Feedback Category

Eric Jacko 3 months ago in Posts 0

With the massive undertaking that the tasks feature is, we should have a feedback category related to tasks to post in.