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Reactions for chat messages

jeff 2 years ago in Chat • updated by kanbui 3 months ago 21

Would like to be able to add a "reaction" emoticon to another user's chat message, such as a thumbs up.


Adhoc group chat without creating a team

jeff 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Ben 3 weeks ago 19

Would like to be able to select multiple users and have a chat conversation with them, similar to group text messages on a phone, without having to create a team and add them as teammates.


Open to Last Unread

UTisTheLaw 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Benjamin North 10 months ago 6

When you open a forum after being away, I would like to be able to go to my last unread chat either automatically or by clicking a button or link.

Under review

Add option for 24h time format instead of am/pm

Andreas 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Austin Best 11 hours ago 5

Am/pm is not used where I'm from so it's not as intuative for me as 24 hour time format.

Under review

Customize Emoticons

Piet Nutbey 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Darrin 2 weeks ago 12

One thing we really like would be an added option for custom icons / emoticons.

Of-course this adds nothing to functionality, but I know our team of 8 always loves to play around with it.

Under review

Sticky Posts to Chat Channels

Oli Chance 2 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

We often find ourselves forgetting/losing track of important posts because they're off in the separate 'Posts' tab rather than right there in the chat channel. As such, a feature that allowed posts (or even just a single post) to be stickied to the top of the chat window would be really useful.
It might be useful to make this an admin-only feature/add an option to only allow admins to do this.

Under review

Voice Messages

jeff 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 11 months ago 5

It would be great if we could record a voice message and send it as a chat message. In the app, the chat message would show that there is an audio file and allow you to click to listen to it. Kind of like a mini MP3 embed.


LaTeX extension to markdown

Alexei 11 months ago in Chat • updated by lee ho 2 weeks ago 3

It would be awesome to have the ability to include inline and displayed maths in chat and posts.

This is becoming a common extension to markdown in academic writing and would set Ryver apart and give you an edge in that market. Currently only Rocket.chat implements this nicely (there's a poorer implementation in Mattermost but it's mostly nonexistent in other apps). There's two well developed javascript libraries already to handle the typesetting: MathJax and KaTeX.

Under review

Notification when someone/ other people else is/are typing in the chat.

Joseph Hause 1 year ago in Chat • updated 1 year ago 2

Just a "Bob and Steve are typing" at the bottom of the chat to let the other people know that the person is actually responging.


Integrated ability to stream Tweets and Google Alerts to chat room

jeff 2 years ago in Chat • updated by ryang 2 months ago 8

Would like to be able to watch particular Twitter users or keywords, as well as certain Google Alerts, by having them stream directly into a Forum or Team chat room. Would like to be able to do this as a feature native to Ryver, rather than needing to use a third-party service such as Zapier.