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Ctrl + Return for new lines like evey other chat application

Joel Jenvey 2 years ago in Chat 0

I had to look up how to create a new line in a Ryver message (Shift + Return). Every other chat application I've used (Skype, Lync, Slack, Facbook, Whatsapp) uses Ctrl + Return.

Would it be possible to change the key mappings to the more intuitive Ctrl + Return?


Make the 'Edit' action more obvious and accessible

Edward 2 years ago in Chat 0

A common problem I've observed on Slack is that people do not initially realise that they can edit or delete their own posts. In Ryver this is arguably even more obscure: few people (outside tech circles) understand that a ⋮ signifies a submenu. It's a poor UX convention.

The edit action is probably the one most needed (certainly more frequently than 'Create Task'), so why not put this on the floating menu, rather than on the submenu? Maybe have the hover menu appear for a few seconds over a message after it's submitted so that people get to know it's there? Maybe consider replacing the ⋮ with a word (e.g. 'Actions')? Maybe allow people to customise the floating menu?


Set a language in your account to avoid spelling marks

alex 2 years ago in Chat • updated by ChrisJ 1 year ago 1

When I write in the chat box, I always see the "red lines" below the words I'm typing, because I'm writing in spanish, so all the words are "incorrect" in english.

If we could set a language to our account, the "auto spelling checker" of the "input field" would work in each language ;-)


Different Search Categories - Messages, People, Tags (Tag Cloud)

martin 2 years ago in Chat 0

Currently the search on the top left gives you only the option to search for messages using a free input search field. However, it would be nice if it provided some sub-categories, like searching for messages or people. (The people search would be a handy complement to #[293], in which private discussions could be started with multiple people by choosing names from a list of people).

Additionally a search in the form of a tag cloud would also be useful as a way to see existing tags and how frequently they are used, allowing the user to click on a tag and see corresponding messages, as an alternative to searching by tags.


Inline Playback of Uploaded Media

icex 2 years ago in Chat 0

Would it be possible to add inline media playback of uploaded content(.mp3, .mp4, .wav, and .mov) into ryver similar to slack so that users do not have to download or leave the ryver chat to see the content.


Search keyboard shortcut

rysiutek 2 years ago in Chat • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 2 years ago 1

Simple idea: focusing search field (or opening search dialog) using standard shortcut (Ctrl+F / cmd+F).

Under review

Bug when trying to mention a channel with a tiret

José 2 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1


I just found a bug. When i'm in a channel and want to mention another channel (with +nameofthechannel for example), there is a bug if the mentioned channel had a tiret. For example +new-channel doesn't work (there is no link).


Allow users to change the font face

Joseph Banass 2 years ago in Chat • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 0

It would be nice if users can choose their own font face. I've noticed on some occasions that the default font can be "thin".

Under review

Web links preview/summary

TBST-BP 3 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Would be great to have the preview/summary of a pasted web link the way that Slack does it

Under review

Text is being removed automatically

Austin Best 3 years ago in Chat • updated 2 years ago 3

So as a software developer, i refer to versions ALOT. However i guess Ryver does not like speaking of versions...

5.1.*, 5.5.*, 6.0.*

When i put that in the chat to refer to 3 major builds with any of the revisions related, Ryver takes it upon its self to change that to

5.1., 5.5., 6.0.*

So it appears there is a problem with a period followed by the asterisk followed by a comma?????