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Create Topic option is available even if Topics are hidden

RyverMan 12 months ago in Chat 0

As Admin we've hidden 'Topics, for a particular forum. All we have available for this particular forum is 'Chat'. However it is possible to enter a post into the Chat and then select 'Create topic' (and Create task) from the ... menu.

If Topics have been disabled in a particular forum, then the menu option to convert a 'Chat' post to 'Topic' should be removed.


double click to edit a message in chat

Hemant Shah 1 year ago in Chat 0

You can quickly edit the previous message in chats but to edit a message that is above the previous one, you have to open the menu and select edit. 

If editing of a message is made possible by simply double clicking it, it will be more intuitive. 


Missing Photo in user profile

Francimour 1 year ago in Chat 0

Add A Note In Comment/Post

Afzaal Afridi 1 year ago in Chat 0

Please consider adding "notes" function just like "decision" in Atlassian Stride. Embedding or seperation of a post as a "NOTE" or as a "Decision" really helps distinguish between normal chat and a specific or special thing that is mentioned in a long list of conversations. I loved this in Stride but i would love to see this here too.


(IMO) Media preview should not trigger when URLs are in a blockquote

Alessandro Fazzi 1 year ago in Chat 0

Given a message in a team

When I reply to it using the "Reply" button

And in that text there is a URL

Then URL/media preview should not trigger, because it just clutters the view showing contents not from my message

My idea would be to not parse URLs in text lines beginning with `>`


Quote multiple messages for copy/pasting of chat convos

Jason Miller 2 years ago in Chat 0

Please add the ability to select multiple chat messages to copy/paste the quote block ">"s for copy/pasting to other forums or 1 to 1 chats.


Option for fast insert of @mention for user

Jason Miller 2 years ago in Chat 0

Many other chat applications have the ability to either hotkey, or click on a users name in chat to automatically insert @bob.dylan (or whomever) into the message box, then changing focus to the text box. Useful for fast replies to a user.


Preview button location movement in markdown editor

Jason Miller 2 years ago in Chat 0

Preview button moves away from mouse to disable preview. Small OCD here, but somewhat annoying if formatting a large message and previewing often.


Start new direct message hotkey

Aaron Curtis 2 years ago in Chat • updated 2 years ago 1

Would like to be able to configure a hotkey to start a new direct message and jump to the available people to search with a cleared search field.

i.e Mac Example - Command + N (or whatever you configure in hotkeys) - Jumps to the Direct Messages Search of Active Users with cursor in the Find Users field so I can type the persons name, then hit enter to go to the Direct Message chat with that team member.


Cancelling from replying to a chat

Kai Griffin 2 years ago in Chat • updated 2 years ago 1

I could not find any obvious way to cancel from replying to a chat.  That is, if I've pressed the reply button, then thought better of it and decided I don't want to reply.  I'm then stuck with the open reply box with no (apparent) way of cancelling out of it.  Have I just missed something?