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Under review

Allow multi-window interface which supports pop-outs for teams, chats, posts.

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Ken Lenoir 4 months ago 10

Support a window pop-out feature for teams, forums, DMs, posts in the Desktop versions. For our users that are constantly going back and forth between teams, DMs, Posts they'd greatly prefer the ability to have separate windows for each area/team they're working on. The main Ryver window would remain the same, the pop-out would let users focus on that one area. Services I'm familiar with that do something similiar include Evernote, Mac Notes, and Mac Messages.


Mac Fullscreen Support

Godfrey Hendrix 11 months ago in Desktop • updated by lee ho 2 weeks ago 2

Implement fullscreen functionality on the Mac app. Right now clicking the green icon only makes app maximize to the screen (but does not enable fullscreen mode).


Desktop client auto reconnect

ivan_takev 8 months ago in Desktop • updated 8 months ago 0

I move frequently in and out of network range and switch between cable and wi-fi.
Very often I would return to network range and find the desktop client telling me it is unable to connect and I need to press connect in order to actually connect. Other messengers that I have would "know" that I am already online and will auto-reconnect. It would be nice if Ryver could do the same, otherwise one would stay offline for long periods although connected to the Internet...


Integrate Mac Desktop app with OS X notification center

jeff 2 years ago in Desktop • updated 1 year ago 4

Taskbar Icon should show the number of unread messages

Ben 2 months ago in Desktop 0

Both Slack and Whatsapp desktop clients show the number (or quantity) of unread messages.  Ryver doesn't.  Very strange.  This feature should be easy to add.


Linux does not minimized on tray

ccfiel 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Please add an option that can do a minimized on tray. Just like slack. In the current app It will close.


Preference to Disable Bouncing in Dock for Mac Desktop App

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 month ago 10

Our Mac users hate the desktop app's incessant bouncing when a notification is received. Please include preference settings for controlling how notifications expressed in the Desktop app:

  • Bouncing as an option, which can be disabled
  • Badge icon as an option, which can be disabled
  • Option for generic badge icon instead of displaying number of notifications

The work being done to integrating Notifications into OS X's Notification Center is greatly anticipated.


Text box requires two clicks to type

Jeremiah 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4

When the Ryver desktop client window is not in focus, I have to click the text box TWICE to be able to type text. This is unusual and frustrating because I am used to clicking once anywhere else in the window to immediately give the Ryver window focus and do the action I clicked on. The text mouse cursor shows when I hover over the text box when the window is not in focus, BUT clicking there does not bring the blinking text input, which means you can't type until you click the text box again. This is a bug and needs to be fixed.


Tasks and posts to be visible in the sidebar

Ivan Takev 3 months ago in Desktop 0

We get more and more requests to have tasks and posts visible while in the chat window. Maybe the sidebar can accommodate these. On the desktop version there is plenty of real estate...


Choose between light en black theme

TheZopo 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

For my team using Ryver the previous theme was better than this one.
Can we have an option to simply switch between these two theme, like in preferences menu.
Or a long term solution : create a menu to change colors of the theme.