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Under review

Improve responsiveness of application

Tyler Ronek 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

The application is very slow and unresponsive.

Under review

Provide a direct download method for image files.

Rut Scarborough 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Thomas Becker 1 year ago 2

I would like to see a method to download an image file without having to first open it in a browser and then download it using the browser.

Under review

Add ability so download file

Dani Avni 1 month ago in Desktop • updated by Austin Best 1 month ago 3

Someone just sent me a XML file. On the desktop app, when I click the file it opens in the browser. please add a button to download the file


Thumbnails for uploaded documents

Caleb Adams 12 months ago in Desktop 0

Make is so that when files are uploaded they can be seen more easily. Maybe add some sort of thumbnail that underneath the upload that includes the title, and some other (meta) information about the file, a small image depicting the file would be nice as well. Similar to how google drive links look.


Implementation of windows notifications

Austin Best 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 6

The windows desktop software should be using the standard windows API for notifications. If i receive a new message, i want to see that message in the bottom corner of my screen (similar to how every other messenger system works). Currently i have to install 3rd party software to achieve this and that makes no sense when there is a very simple windows API to accomplish this. Thanks for reading!

Under review

Auto-away status update

Jeremiah 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Zshazlez 6 months ago 5

I've seen other entries about automatically setting presence status to away or available based on computer activity, which is great but I don't think it works. I'm on windows 7 with the desktop app and I don't notice any change in status no matter how long computer inactivity is. ALSO, when I lock my windows machine, Ryver status should automatically be set to away, and when I unlock it, back to available, and it most definitely does not do that. That's the standard way chat applications have worked for decades. Should be standard in Ryver also.

Under review

Don't give up trying to reconnect.

Isaac Eiland-Hall 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Jason Miller 3 months ago 3

After a number of tries, the browser gives up trying to reconnect. That probably makes sense, but instead of giving up, it should just wait longer and longer between tries. Maybe even as much as every 15 minutes between tries. But not totally give up.


Status not set to available in Windows after becoming idle

Andreas 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 6

When I'm set to away in the Windows client I will not be set to available again unless I open the client itself. Keyboard or mouse usage alone will not be enough for status to change back to available.


Attachements not uploading

MarkB 6 months ago in Desktop • updated by VPHrishikesh Kokate 3 months ago 2

I'm editing a stickied post to attach new files. I intend to keep updating the top post to keep track of our meeting schedule and attach relevant files to this post. I tried uploading files from my harddrive to Ryver and attaching Google drive files, but although the text in the post is updated, the attachements do not show up at all. I tried the desktop client and the browser, neither are working.


Security PIN for desktop and mobile clients

RvK 9 months ago in Desktop 0

In our company (50 employees) we urgently need more security within the Ryver Apps for our Direct Messages. We suggest a four digit PIN with a timeout setting for all apps / clients. Logout / login is no solution. Desktop screen locks are no solution for us as well.

Regards from Germany,