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Security PIN for desktop and mobile clients

RvK 10 months ago in Desktop 0

In our company (50 employees) we urgently need more security within the Ryver Apps for our Direct Messages. We suggest a four digit PIN with a timeout setting for all apps / clients. Logout / login is no solution. Desktop screen locks are no solution for us as well.

Regards from Germany,


Under review

Running tasks

Austin Best 11 months ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 11 months ago 3

Why does opening river spin off 4 individual tasks? Seems quite odd it is using 180,000 k of memory

That is more than dreamweaver which is a known memory hog.. also more than explorer is using.. 


User list sorting

Austin Best 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 10 months ago 5

Would be a great option if we could sort the user list alphabetically instead of forcing it to be the last one you sent a message to.



Francis 1 year ago in Desktop 0

Can we have the old skin back please , because this white skin is boring and too bright .

Under review

Promote to Post button in OSX desktop app uses wrong font

mnu 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Piet Nutbey 2 years ago 4

It uses a serif font, probably Times

Under review

Remove selection circles from OSX desktop app

mnu 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Please make the selection circles only visible on hover.


Accepting private team invitation requires desktop client restart

Michael H 3 days ago in Desktop 0

After accepting a private team invitation, our users have to restart Ryver to make it show up in the "Private Teams" list. We're using the Windows desktop client.


Ryver application for mac is a memory hog

Tyson 3 months ago in Desktop • updated by Andy Belmont 3 months ago 1

I keep the Ryver application always running. I periodically have to shut it down and reopen it as it consumes more and more memory. The memory issue is a big one as most people using this are in productivity and already use programs that require copious amounts of memory. The last time I shut Ryver down it was at 1.3GB or 1.5GB  of memory cant remember which (but at that point it doesn't really matter its too much). Please address the memory issue.


Profile window moves away when clicking on profile picture

Jason Miller 4 months ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 4 months ago 1

Not sure what the intended effect here was (or wasn't), but if you click on a users name in chat/userlist the profile window pops up. Clicking on their profile photo in this popup, the profile popup moves to the top left of the Ryver main app window, away from your mouse/wherever it originally popped up.


Subscribed icon not appearing immediately

Jason Miller 4 months ago in Desktop 0

As the header says, when replying to a topic, the subscribed/bell icon does not appear until you close out of the topic and reopen it.