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Under review

Notice of user typing is now gone

Austin Best 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 5

Prior to the last update, when the user you had open was typing a message, you would see a little moving icon next to their name AND you would see some "ghost" text in the window that said something like {USER} is typing a message...

Well now the icon is there however that message that shows someone is typing is removed. Is there a reason for this? Accident (I HOPE!)?


Cant view failed webhooks

Austin Best 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 3 months ago 7

It shows an information bubble with the number of failed hooks, however what is the point if as a developer i cant see WHY they are failing??

This is rather critical since there is very little to no documentation of this new feature.


Webhooks not displaying

Austin Best 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by Mimi 12 months ago 6

Added a webhook,

"All Webhooks" shows You have created 0 out of 10 allowed

"Active Webhooks" shows You have created 1 out of 10 allowed

Under review

Task bar icon?

Rayzback 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

When Ryver windows application is NOT minimized an icon should appear on the task bar. I can't seem to drag and drop to a post and can't get Ryver to the foreground from the ^ overflow while holding on to a file. Maybe it's just me or Win10? :)


Hotkey not working properly when Ryver is running

Austin Best 1 year ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 3

There are more programs than Ryver that use the key combination

Ctrl + Shift + I

Mainly Chrome has used it for years to open their developer console. Strangely enough when Ryver is running this key combination no longer works in ANY OTHER PROGRAMS.

Photoshop is another one that uses this combo as a shortcut for Inverse Selection.

Please fix this ASAP, it took FOREVER to realize why my combo quit working in Chrome, go figure it would be Ryver.

Under review

Send feedback has disappeared from app

Chris Mortimer 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

Update Page Title with Active page (Team/forum/DM)

Rob B 2 years ago in Desktop 0

It would be great if the actual page title (mainly in desktop) could have the active forum name or private team name or direct message user name in it. This would accomplish 2 things for us: First, the conversation could be found easier in the system tray and secondly, since we use TimeCamp, our billing app, it can track the active application and read that page title to determine what client should be billed for the time spent in that active chat session.

So if the account we use is called "xyz", our current page title is always "xyz" (in the desktop app) or "Ryver: xyz" (in web app). And if we were to click on the Open Forums named "Client X", the title doesn't change. If you could append the forum name so that it shows as "xyz - Client X" (desktop) and "Ryver: xyz - Client X" that would be awesome.

Under review

Slow opening of client after recieving a message/notification

Andreas 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

When I receive a message on the Windows client and immediately click on Ryver on the taskbar there is a delay (several seconds) before the window actually opens.

I started noticing this recently, I don't think it always happens could be something like only the first message or only some kinds of notifications.

If anyone else has experienced the same problem feel free to add a comment to make sure this is not something only affecting me.

I'm currently using Windows 7 and desktop client Ryver 1.1.6 (Complete Cats).


Increase font size in the Linux desktop client

Ian 2 years ago in Desktop • updated 2 years ago 1

The font size for a high resolution screen is quite small. Hope there is a way (even a workaround) to increase the font size.

Under review

Windows app resets login details when loses focus

Chris 2 years ago in Desktop • updated 2 years ago 3

Click into a password safe and back again it clears the login form. Rather irritating.