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Under review

Mobile push notifications unreliable

Cliff 5 years ago in Mobile updated by Marco Martinelli 3 years ago 19

For my users, we've been having significant iissues with the mobile notifications in the Ryver app. We will be away from our desk for the weekend but still not get mobile alerts. I've heard from Android devices but I'm not sure about iOS because we don't have many.

Also, I have noticed that you have to actually have the app open and running in the background for it to work if it will send notifications at all.

I have in app and regular notifications enabled, but is there ssomething I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

Under review

Windows Phone or Universal mobile/tablet client

jeff 6 years ago in Mobile updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

See who add a reaction on a message.

Gregory Kisling 2 years ago in Mobile 0

On Mobile it's not possible to see who add reaction on a message.

It would be very useful.


Choose between Dark and Light theme on mobile

Caleb Adams 5 years ago in Mobile updated by anonymous 4 years ago 1

Just like Desktop, allow users to choose between a light and dark theme. (more than just a dark navbar)


Tablet screen orientation to portrait instead of landscape

Renan 5 years ago in Mobile 0

Using tablet version the screen orientation is always in landscape. Can you please have an option to make it portrait as oppose to having landscape as it is really hard for our group to read tons of messages. Yeah landscape is ok but only when watch videos but not for reading which we normally use everyday and I think lot of users also do. Thanks


Back button closes Ryver

Rafael Cintrón 5 years ago in Mobile updated by Dom 4 years ago 5

In the mobile client (android), whenever I hit the back button Ryver closes. It should stay open in the background, or at least give you the option to close it or not using a dialog box. This is very counter intuitive, since most apps do not behave this way. Users of mobile apps are used to use the back button as a "previous screen" button, not as a "close inmediately" button.


Native app

bartlomiej.szponarski 3 years ago in Mobile 0

Hello, dunno whether there was such a request, but are you planning to release native app's for iOS and android? Reopening and notifications are a mess in current state. Could be very helpful.


Regards! Bartek


Readability like in WhatsApp

RvK 4 years ago in Mobile 0

Compared to Ryver our employees like the readability of WhatsApp and esp. TwistApp much more than Ryver due to friendly bright colors, chat bubbles and bigger font sizes (esp. in the Ryver Smartphone Apps, important).


Ryver Android and iOS App Persistent Connection

Floyd Que 4 years ago in Mobile 0

It would be greate if Ryver will try to use the notification process like FB Messenger or Viber which when you receive the notification and open the App, it is already connected even in slow connections. Currently if I receive a notification and open the app, it takes a while for the message to appear on my app because it is still connecting


Android app notification not working as expected

Austin Best 5 years ago in Mobile updated by jeff 4 years ago 4

Prior to the last update, when i got a notification from Ryver on my phone, i could click it and it would open the conversation window to that user. Now it doesn't. It opens Ryver and the conversation window to the last person i had open.