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More user preferences for notifications

jeff 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by lee ho 1 month ago 22

Would like to have more control over type of notifications received, and in what format. Example preferences:

  • Get notifications of ALL chat messages in specified teams, not just @mentions
  • Get push notifications all the time, not just when "away" or "offline"

"Remind Me" Option for Chats

Isaac de la Fuente 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 4 months ago 17

We LOVE the "Remind Me" button for Posts and would like to see it available for chats as well. Quite often we'll see a chat that requires action but we can't take action at the very moment (whether on our mobile or desktop). Currently the only way to remind ourselves about that chat is to promote it to a post and then set a reminder.

Currently it's still much better for us to email co-workers something that is actionable because it will remain in their inbox until they actively delete archive it. If we could set a reminder from a chat it would solve that problem (of course we'd like to be able to decide when to remind us on a chat per chat basis and I see this as another topic in these forums).

Under review

Synchronize notifications between desktop and phone

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by boi90 2 months ago 2

When I read a message on desktop I would be nice if the notification on the phone was canceled and vice versa.


Notification keywords

neil.bobkowski 2 months ago in Notifications 0

Allow users to define keywords for notifications.  This would be a mirror of Slack's "My Keywords" ability within the Notifications settings.  Essentially a user can define a list of keywords (such as "emergency").  Then anytime that word is used in a Forum or Topic the users gets a notification.


Collapse Mode for Forums, Teams, and Chat notifications

Albert 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Isaac Eiland-Hall 2 years ago 3

I have 30 Teams and a bunch of Users. So when I hear "bling!" notifying me I've got a new something, I have to scroll all the way down, and all the way back up to see what's been yellowed.

I'd like to collapse the categories and have only new (incoming) messages appear under the collapsed category.

In other words, if I'm running in "Collapse Mode" then I only see this in my sidebar:




Until... voila! A message comes in from Bobby, and the Marketing team posts something. Then I see:



Marketing Team



So I click on Bobby's message, read it, and it "un-yellows" itself. Then I click on Marketing.

While I'm replying to Marketing, I see this (because I've already read Bobby's message)



Marketing Team


It disappeared again because I'm in Collapse Mode.

Under review

Feature to tag teamates for use as custom @mention

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by pdlbibek 3 weeks ago 7

It would be nice to have the ability to add tags to teammates, for example I could add a tag for all guests when working with consultants and then when you need to ask any of them a question I can notify those specific users by typing @guest-tag. When teams get a bit larger it gets a bit inconvenient to @mention all the concerned teammates.

I was thinking that this should be on a team basis but maybe it could be done on the user profile so that it could be used in multiple teams as a tag likely is connected to who you are. Although your role could be different in different teams so that could pose a problem (maybe both features would be better?).

Under review

Option to improve visibility of notifications

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Andrew Malcolm 10 months ago 4

Since a lot of us are using Ryver in a work environment sound is often not an option. So I have noticed that messages often goes unoticed not sure what the main problem is here maybe it's not visible enough, maybe it less noticeable with a multi screen setup.

Either way some options to make notifications more visible would be nice, some ideas:

  • Allow change of popup duration
  • Allow changing looks of popup
  • Enable more incessant blinking for new messages
  • Allow bringing Ryver to foreground upon notification
  • Allow systray flashing on notification
  • Allow notification to be sent as email if message is not read withing a set amount of time (could be useful for other reasons as well)
  • Allow execution of a command upon receiving a notification (related separate topic)

mark as new

Aaron 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by J S 9 months ago 15

There should be a "mark as new" option like in email. If I click on a Forum, it's possible that I'll want to come back to it at a later time. Marking it as new should reset the Forum color so I know to go back to it.

Also, when I go to a Forum with new messages, it should scroll to the earliest new chat or post as it can easily be missed if the other person typed a lot.

Under review

Refresh Notifications upon reading each.

Ben 3 months ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 months ago 2

Whenever I check unread notifications, if I go read one or more of them, it still appears in the list of UNREAD.  To "refresh" the list you can either refresh the browser or pick for example ALL notifications and then UNREAD again.

I think that Ryver should AUTOMATICALLY remove any notification from the UNREAD notifications as soon as the user is reading it.

Under review

Daily digest / summary email

Ryan Shuya Scouts 1 year ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4

We are a volunteer group and we do not require instant, daily communication. The email notifications for each post change or direct message are overwhelming for our members, as very few of them have jobs where they are at a computer all day. A daily digest or summary email for team chats and posts would allow for timely updates while being easy on the inbox. For us, the best time to send the digest would be early evening (or make it configurable).