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Prevent notifcations for replies

Aaron 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 1 year ago 2

In a Forum chat, the reply button is very handy. The downside is if someone @mentioned me, it'll send a notification. I consider this a bug as I shouldn't be notified for my own message. Basically if starts with > and then has @my_username, I shouldn't be notified. Thanks!


NOTIFICATIONS filter for "Unseen only"

jeff 2 years ago in Notifications • updated 2 years ago 2

Currently, unseen notifications are white and the ones that I have seen are gray, but I would like to be able to hide all of the ones that have been seen.


Change email notification to only certain events

Aaron Curtis 4 months ago in Notifications • updated 4 months ago 1

After using the Ryver platform for a few days, I am getting hammered with emails. Unfortunately, some of them are important and I do want them, I do not want to just turn off ALL emails. 

Could we get the ability to have granular control of email notifications? For example, I want to receive email notifications for all direct messages, but not open forums etc. What if I wanted the opposite? 

Under review

Unread count per team/forum

Frederick Kuhne 1 year ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 1 year ago 3

It would be useful to have a count of unread items as a prefix or suffix on the team/forum name.

Ie. <UnreadCount><TeamName>

Under review

Hide some or all of the email text when repying to an email notification

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by MarkB 6 months ago 3

When you reply to an email notification the entire email is added to the message when it's added to Ryver. I think that this can be improved at least is could be added as a quote or even better just add a quote with the message that caused the notification.

It could also be changed so that you can decide yourself what should be included if the hidden id is added to the subject instead then I can decide what to include in the body (if I remove everything in the body now the message will not reach Ryver). Alternatively if it can't be placed in the subject use a visible id instead so I can easily remove everything except the id.

Under review

Icons next to team/forum name for new chats/posts/files/etc

Isaac Eiland-Hall 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Jeff Berman 2 years ago 3

Right now, if you've left yourself in the chat tab for a team or forum, the name turns yellow if a new chat messages comes in.

It'd be nice if perhaps an icon (or emoji) were to appear before the name in the list - with different ones for new chat vs. new post vs. new file notification. It would greatly help finding where the new content is if you have a bunch of teams/forums.


Remove Duplicate Notifications

Hans 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Eliminate double notifications when mentioned and getting notifications for a team. Only want the "mentioned" notification when mentioned. If not mentioned, then still want the "commented" notification (with notifications enabled).


Get notifications across all accounts

Ian 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

If I am not mistaken, you only receive a notification on your mobile or desktop client of the account you are currently signed-in.

The other accounts are treated as if you are signed-out and hence do not receive push notifications. Would be great to receive these notifications across all accounts and have an indicator on the account-switcher sidebar displaying an unread icon for the specific account.

Under review

Custom notification sounds for each team/user

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

It's sometimes nice to be able to tell instantly tell who is sending you a message. Might require adding more sounds or even better the ability to add your own sounds.


To define custom @mention for certain team members similar to @here & @team

pdlbibek 2 months ago in Notifications 0

This feature will be very handy whenever you want to mention few members (of same role) in a private team chat or an open forum. This will stop bothering all team members @team or active team members @here who dont need any attention atm. Two instances of @mention for private team and global forum will be an additional benefit.

 Example below:

1. Private Team: "@designerteam can you fix this design issue

2. For global Forum: "@designerglobal we have a designers meet at this location"