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Remove Duplicate Notifications

Hans 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Eliminate double notifications when mentioned and getting notifications for a team. Only want the "mentioned" notification when mentioned. If not mentioned, then still want the "commented" notification (with notifications enabled).


Get notifications across all accounts

Ian 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

If I am not mistaken, you only receive a notification on your mobile or desktop client of the account you are currently signed-in.

The other accounts are treated as if you are signed-out and hence do not receive push notifications. Would be great to receive these notifications across all accounts and have an indicator on the account-switcher sidebar displaying an unread icon for the specific account.

Under review

Custom notification sounds for each team/user

Andreas 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

It's sometimes nice to be able to tell instantly tell who is sending you a message. Might require adding more sounds or even better the ability to add your own sounds.


To define custom @mention for certain team members similar to @here & @team

pdlbibek 2 months ago in Notifications 0

This feature will be very handy whenever you want to mention few members (of same role) in a private team chat or an open forum. This will stop bothering all team members @team or active team members @here who dont need any attention atm. Two instances of @mention for private team and global forum will be an additional benefit.

 Example below:

1. Private Team: "@designerteam can you fix this design issue

2. For global Forum: "@designerglobal we have a designers meet at this location"


Ability to enable alert for when anyone on a team comes online

Sandro Ferreira 2 months ago in Notifications 0

 Ideal for small teams with diverse work schedule.


Notifications count for each team

Steve Collard 3 months ago in Notifications 0

I would really like having a notification count on each team/forum that I am tagged in. I know we can use the Notifications Tab, but with we have so many Teams that it gets a little bit overwhelmed to have all the notifications at the same place. It is useful, but it would be very good to see a count like the Notification Tab, but on each Teams so we can go directly see in the Team that request our attention.

Love Ryver, it changed our life.


pop up notification

Ivailo Hadjivulchev 5 months ago in Notifications 0

After a pop up notification appears, I would like to be able to click on it and Ryver takes me directly to the chat.


Admin notification of new users joined

Steffis Cloud 8 months ago in Notifications 0

Add admin notification of new users joined to welcome them


Default notification preferences

Matt Sollars 11 months ago in Notifications 0

I think we really need an account setting that allows us to set default notification/alert preferences. I see 2 options for how this works with a 3rd possibility that is quite different as a global setting.

  1. Any new forums or teams you are added to will be set to use your default notification/alert preferences. Those individual forum/team notification settings stay that way once created, even if you change your default preferences. This is probably the easiest to implement because it requires the fewest changes to how things work now.
  2. Any new forums or teams you are added to will inherit your default notification/alert preferences until changed. This requires each forum/team have a new option for notifications: "Use my global preferences". You can override an individual forum/team to always show you notifications and/or alerts. Doing so "pins" that room to those settings regardless of changes to your default preferences. Additionally, those rooms set to inherit will always follow whatever your default preferences are set to.
  3. This last option is could be in addition to one of the above options or just in lieu of them entirely. It would be great to have some global setting for notifications and alerts that I can switch on and off across the entire application. I'm trying to avoid a direct comparison to the "other communication tool", but one thing I loved about it was the ability to disable all notifications/alerts entirely or to only worry about messages where I am @-mentioned.
Under review

Deep linking of Windows Notifications

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 1 year ago in Notifications • updated 9 months ago 5

When receiving notifications, it would be amazing if I could click on it and it then takes me to that message or at least that forum/team/DM in which that alert was triggered.

Currently it just opens the Ryver Desktop Client on the page you last had open, which is fine, but the deep link would be next level.