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Delete notifications

Charles 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Dani Avni 2 months ago 2

I'm actually testing ryver but see that there's no way to delete notifications


Allow Notifications options for New Posts in a Team

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

If a user turns off notifications for a team, they won't be notified of chats, new posts, or new comments on a post unless they're @ mentioned or subscribed to the Post. Please provide a Notification setting option to get a notification when a New Post is made in a team, while not receiving notifications for other team activity like chats.

Under review

Red flag in sidebar if message failed to send

Albert 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Currently, the only way for me to know a message was not sent was to see the "little red triangle" to the right of the exact message that wasn't sent.

I've often clicked away only to go back later to find that something wasn't sent.

Suggesting: new type of notification (not yellow bold text) = "Message Failed to Send" and make it red.


Allow "Don't Send Notifications" on Topics and Tasks in the Team Notification Settings

Ben 12 hours ago in Notifications 0

Right now, on the top right of any team there's an elipsis.  The first option is "Manage Team" and below there's "Notifications".  There, you can chose 3 options for Topics and the same 3 options for Tasks:

- New Topics/Tasks created
- New Topics/Tasks and replies (auto-subscribe)
- Only Topics/Tasks I'm participating in

I propose a 4th option: "Don't Send Notifications".  Especially for Tasks.

When you have a small team and few tasks, it's not a big deal to create a Task and be "Auto-Subscribed" to it, so every time there's a reply you get a notification.  However, if you create a lot of tasks for your team and you trust your team, you really don't need to get notified every time there's a reply.  Actually, you can get too many notifications which will clutter your notifications stream.


Allow users to choose if additionally to the regular notifications, they would like to see an alert about every message reply as if it was a direct message.

Ben 5 days ago in Notifications 0

To explain it a little better, right now I can only see  a user name in BOLD in the DIRECT MESSAGES (left pane), when that user has written something to me.  I would like to have the option to also see that name in bold when that user has created a new topic or task or replied to a topic or task or mentioned me.  And when I click on some icon, next to the name (in Bold) of the user in Direct Messages, it would send me to the notifications section but filtered by only that user.  This way, I could chose which users notifications are more important to me so I can see them first.


Create a new section exclusive for Reminders

Ben 6 days ago in Notifications • updated 5 days ago 1

Right now, Reminders are mixed with replies to Topics and Tasks.  I think that Reminders are more important because those were set by the users reminding themselves of something that they had to do, as opposed to some other user writing them about something.


- The system could set a default period of 7, 14 or 30 days to "purge" old notifications and reminders, letting users change the settings of those to longer periods (2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

- Both Notifications and Reminders should be SORTABLE by date from Oldest to Newest and Newest to Oldest.


Allow creating Tasks from the Notifications window

Ben 6 days ago in Notifications 0

Once in notifications, looking at the message, users CANNOT CREATE A TASK!!!  When a user  reads a message that has been marked with reminder, the user will see it again in the Notifications section, but since there's no way to create a message, the user has to either set a new reminder or copy/paste to a new task, which is a cumbersome procedure.  Ryver needs to add the ability to create tasks directly from the notification Window.


Mark as Read Button in Pop-Up Notification

Oli Chance 2 weeks ago in Notifications 0

I like to keep informed of what's going on in my teams, so it's useful to have the pop-up notifications, but it would help a lot if there was a 'Mark as Read' or similar button that could be clicked on in the pop-up itself (a feature some email reader apps/browser add-ons have) so I can quickly set aside things that I know don't need my attention without having to navigate to Ryver.


Notification on Reminders

bisentepablo 1 month ago in Notifications • updated 1 month ago 0

When you set a reminder on chat, the notification does not indicate which FORUM the reminder was set.

Notifications should also indicate the FORUM

What is shown in the notification is "You set a reminder on a chat message"

It would be helpful especially if you have a lot of FORUM and reminders if it would go something like

"You set a reminder on a chat message in SPECIFIC FORUM"


Getting notification emails with posts and messages that I've already seen

Matt Golman 2 months ago in Notifications • updated 2 months ago 0

This happens to me all the time, and it drives me crazy.

If somebody sends me a message, I will get an email notification about it, even if I've already seen the message. It even happens if I've already replied to the message, and my reply will even be included in the email notification that Ryver sends to me. Ryver clearly has enough information here to know that I don't need a notification.

Here is an example from today. "W" is a teammate that sent me a message. I replied in under a minute, and two minutes after that I got a notification about it.

I'd like there to be a <5 minute (maybe user-customizeable?) delay on sending these emails, and to cancel it if I've already seen and/or replied to the post/message in question.