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Under review

Move posts from one Team or Forum to another

Zach Malloch 6 years ago updated by Matt Golman 1 year ago 33

It would be nice to be able to move a post from one team or forum to another when editing. This could expand on marking posts as "completed" or "archived", as you can just move them to a "completed" forum. We're planning to use this for a question and answer tool, so having an "answered" forum that we can move the older questions into would be very useful.


Bulk Delete Chat Messages, Topics, Tasks and Notifications

Ben 4 years ago updated by Patrick Chu 1 year ago 3

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we need to be able to delete more than one message, topic, task or notification.  If it's only a couple it's no big deal.  But if it's more than a few, it's very annoying and time consuming to have to do it one by one.  Would be nice to be able to delete anything in Ryver with a system similar to when you pick a few chat messages and convert them to a topic or task.

Under review

Restrict access to uploaded files, now they are downloadable freely from the internet.

Dime Nastov 5 years ago updated by Stan Kardach 3 years ago 9

Hi Ryvers!

You have created the most useful communication tool we have ever tested and kudos for making it free!

We have two major concerns:

  • Can’t install it on premise.
  • Uploaded files go to Amazon cloud and are accessible by simply sharing the link even to people that are not members or guests to our Ryver organization.

Solving either of these concerns would resolve the other – if we had on-premise installation we could host our files locally, and if the uploaded files were encrypted or hosted in directories that are not publicly accessable from the internet we would not have issue with Ryver not being on-premise.

I would propose two types of solution that would not require on-premise installation:

  • A quick and dirty fix in the form of a checkbox that allows the administrator to disable all file uploads for everyone (at least untill the second solution is implemented).
  • Some sort of cookie or session authetication that would allow file download from the amazon storage only if the user is currently logged onto our Ryver. This can be further extended to special group file access but I understand that that can take some more time to develop.

You have made communicating and sharing ideas and files so easy that I am sure I would not be able to put forward policies on which files should and shouldn’t be shared in Ryver, so why limit people when we can make it secure and let them communicate freely.

I wish you all the positive energy in the universe and I hope you get the success you deserve!


Add more people to the programming team at Ryver so Product Ideas can be worked on faster

Ben 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

I just checked and there are only 38 completed product ideas out of 402 posted.  I know it's not easy to spend more money on people, but at the same time, improving the product not only improves the efficiency and power of the current users but also improves the chances of new customers liking Ryver more than Slack or other alternatives.


Support for two-factor authentication.

Mxx 5 years ago updated by Stan Kardach 3 years ago 4

I would like to secure my/my team's accounts with more than just username/password. Please add support for any number of various two-factor authentication solutions.

Under review

Assign Tasks to a User not through a Team or Forum

Ben 4 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 2

There's another product Idea that has this idea as part of it.


However, I think this specific request merits its own Topic.

Currently, Ryver doesn't allow me to assign tasks to users directly, unless it's through a Team or Forum.  

Many times I need to assign a task to a user, but I prefer not to do it through a Team or Forum.  I might not want to add more tasks to the whole team.  Or it might be a task unrelated to any team.  Or it might be a task that I want to stay private between me and the user.

As a user, I want to have the ability to create a task and assign it to WHOMEVER I WANT.

I think this is something that Ryver can easily solve.

And, if Ryver wants to "foster collaboration" as they call it, it can let Admins decide if users must assign tasks to other users only through teams/forums or can do it directly.

Under review

Import Tasks from Microsoft Outlook

Ben 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 1

Many Millions of users use Outlook and many of those use Tasks on Outlook.  Would be nice if we could import all of those to Ryver.


Gantt Chart in Tasks

Eric Jacko 4 years ago updated by Nicolaas 3 years ago 3

Are there plans to make a gantt view for tasks? Additionaly, the main feature that i used in gantt charts was an estimated 'duration' entry as opposed to a due date. After the project was actually started, then I would populate the start and due dates (or the due date would be pre-populated due to the estimated duration)


Reusable checklists in tasks

Andrey Verbin 4 years ago updated by Piotr 3 years ago 1

We often do tasks which has same steps. Like 

Step 1 - talk with analyst and learn requirements

Step 2 - implement feature

Step 3 - write documentation

Creating same steps over and over again in tasks is tedious and error prone. I suggest to implement 'named checklists' and quickly add predefined checklists to tasks. 

Under review

Show how long a user has been idle/way

acbeef 5 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 1

It would be great to see how long a user has been idle/away in mins/hrs Skype for Business (formerly Lync) had this feature. It would also be nice to be able to set the time limit for how long it takes for a user to go idle/away. Currently i think Ryver default is set to 30 mins.

Thanks for considering.