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calendar subscription of task due dates

john 9 months ago • updated by Xiaotong Yao 3 weeks ago 1

Would be great if I could subscribe and get my ryver tasks that have due dates to show up in my calendar program as an ical or other calendar subscription type thing.

Even better would be if those then would have a link that would pull you right to them in the app (web or desktop version).

Under review

clean and compact

mark 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Slack has clean or compact layouts...one is without pictures which make the layout less cluttered even more. Should be easy to implement, to "hide user pictures in chat"..:-)


task on forum / public tasks

cesar azpilcueta 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 0

It will be great for Ryver to have a task in open forums or public tasks to make it more collaborative and transparent


Team Calendar view

Joie 7 months ago 0

Would be great to be able to have a shared calendar across the organization or specifically in teams to view deadlines and schedule check-ins

Under review

Post links without preview.

martin.tran 1 year ago • updated by Michael H 1 month ago 2

Post links without preview. I know, I can add text before and after as workaround.


team of teams

Ilan 2 years ago 0

Unless i am missing something, i can currently add only individuals to a team. In a cross-functional or matrix organization, it means that i will be doing a lot of manual additions, one person at a time. Instead, it will be much easier, and much more reflective of the groups-interacting-with-group picture you had delineated in your product announcement, If i can add a team to a new team.

It will save a lot of manual additions, and not only in the first time. If i later make changes to a team, these changes will be automatically reflected in all teams that include them ;-)


Ability to create lists

Dan G 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

the idea here is that during these 1:1 discussions or posts, items may be identified, they may be tasks, or features, or deliverables, etc. It would be super useful to be able to create a new list during a conversation (through a bot tag #list New Features, etc.) and then during the conversation be able to add items to the list, again through some tag or bot. I say "lists" to keep it generic and leave it to the user community to decide what the lists will do. The lists could evolve, ie assign an item in a list to a person, add a due date, add it to a release (for a feature), etc. Endless productive possibilities. Thanks, D

Under review

Team ownership of Forums

Peter Chang 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

As the number of users on an account increases, so does the number of open forums.

Allowing team ownership of forums would help organize many forums that may only be relevant to certain teams. Cutting down on the number of forums everyone else must sort through.


A way to control "All Hands"

Ivan Takev 5 months ago • updated by Chris Drake 5 months ago 5


we have 300+ people in the organisation and All Hands is getting out of control. We did check with Mim and understood there is no possibility to archive/delete that primary forum.

I suggest to be allowed to archive/delete it as it only takes a couple of weirdos to spam the whole organization and basically lose real man-hours of company time in pointlessly messaging everyone. 

Alternatively, it would be nice to be converted to radio station where only admins can drop messages but no one would be able to give replays..would be great for us in IT.

It is nice to have such channel in a small team but with too many people it becomes a trouble...




Add option to show password

jd 1 year ago 0

Small thing, but allowing users (especially new ones) the option of seeing their passwords when typing would remove a bit of potential frustration.