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Channel Topic

icex 1 year ago in Chat 0

Could this be integrated into ryver.

Each channel with it's own topic to guide users similar to irc/slack.


total teamates

Charles 1 year ago in Misc • updated 1 year ago 1

I would like to see the total nbr of teamates that are part of each private team.

Under review

Add option to 'Add Post' from the Chat Messages page

Christopher 1 year ago in Posts • updated by Mimi 1 year ago 3

Currently in order to Add a new Post you first have to navigate to the Posts page. From there you have the option to 'Add Post'. Because the default when entering a Forum is to see the Chat Messages (this is good - don't change that) you have to go through those steps every time to make a new Post.

Forcing me to go to the Posts page first is an annoyance for those who use both Posts and Chat Messages to have to flip back and forth. It also hinders the progress of new users in Ryver because it isn't readily apparent how to make one of these Posts.

Adding an 'Add Post' option right from the Chat Messages page would correct this annoyance.

Under review

2 letter avatar

Charles 1 year ago in Misc • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

Could you propagate the "letter avatar" everywhere by default (forum, user profile, etc) instead of your gray icon?

Under review

Better visual cues for the forum/team you are chatting in, or visual cues showing if a discussion is private

Martin Ceronio 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

When you have a large list of discussions on the left, the one you are engaging with should be highlighted more clearly.

Also, it would be nice if there were a visual cue, such as a different background color, to indicate when you are in a private discussion. (Perhaps forum/team creators can even set the background to something unique?).

It would make it more obvious straightaway where you are chatting.


API: support "channel" field in incoming JSON payload

Peter 1 year ago in Integrations • updated by jeff 3 months ago 1

Ryver could instantly support a wide range of existing Slack integrations if it replicated the "channel" field a la the Slack API: https://api.slack.com/incoming-webhooks#customizations_for_custom_integrations (scroll down a few lines to the "Channel override" section).

In short, if "channel" is specified in the JSON for an incoming message, the room specified in the webhook URL would be overridden and the message would be directed to the appropriate room.

There are many existing Slack integrations that direct messages in this way, so by adding this field to the Ryver API, Ryver could instantly support all of these Slack integrations with no special setup required from users.


chat timezone adjustment

connermehler 1 year ago in Chat 0

Add functionality for Ryver to recognize a time written in chat and adjust it for users in other timezones.


"Pin to Navbar" for posts as option in ellipsis dropdown

jake 1 year ago in Posts 0

I am making temp comments on posts to get them to appear the nav bar during the workday. I am looking for micro-term existence for them, and they are being x'ed out quickly. Sometimes, there can be 3 or 4 going at a time, and sometimes its on a post that is days old, and the notifications can pile up on one and bury the others. Both of the latter reasons makes them hard to locate in post stream and notifications. Not a problem that happens a lot at all, but productivity is the trademark of our Ryver experience. Being able to quickly switch between a custom set of posts per user would just add to the productivity, "pin to navbar" in the post's ellipsis would be an answer.


Promote comments on POST to POST?

jiegomojica 1 year ago in Posts 0

Sometimes, comments on post become a conversation all to themselves. Might be useful if we can also promote comments from POST to POST :)


Automatically re-select text written in search after pressing enter

jiegomojica 1 year ago in Misc 0

RYVER has a very powerful search function so search is a well-used tool. One minor enhancement that can save time is to automatically highlight text entered in the SEARCH BOX after clicking enter. This way, anyone searching for anything will just type a new term and press enter to search instead of deleting/clearing the field before typing in a new term.