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Posting code

Chris 1 year ago in Posts • updated by jeff 1 year ago 2

I tried to post some code today

How ever it wouldn't work. I found you could do ''' but as soon as I pressed return it just added a blank code snippet so I have to create it in notepad so I could paste it into ryver.


SHIFT + Return gives you a newline instead of sending the message (tested Windows client).

Under review

As mentioned by Andreas, you can hold down the shift key when pressing Return to do a multi-line chat message, which is how people are entering code snippets. You just need to surround your code with lines above and below that contain three back-ticks.

We are now starting to look at an improved WYSIWYG editor for chat, posts and comments, and we will look into providing more of a one-click way of entering a code snippet. Perhaps popping up a dialog that you can put your code in, and then posting the chat message with it automatically surrounded by the proper back-tick formatting.