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Gerhard du Toit 3 years ago in Posts updated by Mimi 3 years ago 3

Debates typically (should) end in a final decision.

There should be an easy why to flag/tag/status/whatever it and it should be very easy to find all final decisions. Even if this feature is only available in on posts for private teams as this is typically where the shortcoming is. Once available it could be very useful everywhere else.

This is the ONE feature I find missing from Ryver (and almost any other tool).

As to how to implement in Ryver . . . i leave that up to you guys, sure you'll come up with a nifty plan.

Quick suggestion . . .

A comment (message) with a specific flag/tag/status/whatever that can be set only with the relevant access credentials.

Under review

hi Gerhard,

We have been planning to add an "Archive" option for posts. Archiving a post would remove it from the main/active POSTS stream for that forum or team. So when you conclude a discussion, you could archive it to get it out of the way. You would then be able to also "View Archived Posts" if you like.

Would this satisfy your use case, or would you rather be able to just mark a particular comment and leave that post active in the POSTS stream?

It would be great to mark the comment or post to indicate that the conversation has been concluded and there is a final decision/action.

Hi Mike,

We did recently add "Archive Post" to our Posts section in Ryver. This will remove the item from the "Active" list - but can be restored by clicking the Ellipsis at the top of the Posts and selecting "Toggle View: Active/Archived". This is not in the released mobile builds yet - but is coming soon.

Is this sufficient or do you still need a separate field for a status?