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Calendars for teams

Bjoern Voss 4 years ago in Misc updated by FluidFrame 11 months ago 6

It would be great to have a calendar for teams to organize meetings, post events that are of interest to the team and so on. One can also think of nice integrations with this feature, e.g. a shared team calendar synced to google calendar.

Check out "Ryver task" here (look at the first picture) http://www.ryver.com/pricing/

Under review

Right now, our focus is on the Task Board feature. We have updated the pricing page to show an image of what a Task Board would look like. The calendar view might come later, but for now we are focusing on the list/board views.

A task board isn't helpful to everyone.

Some feature requests for Tasks:

  • Please ensure you've got a task List view as well as a Calendar when Task rolls out. I won't use a board.
  • Please ensure that I can see all tasks assigned to me independent of Team. The screenshot included on the pricing page is tasks for that Team.
  • Please include priority for tasks, which should be separate from deadline.
  • Please include the capability to schedule when to work on tasks, not just deadlines. An integration with a service like TeamWeek might be good for visualization.
  • Include dependencies for tasks - I often can't work on a project until another team member has finished their own tasks.
  • Please include reminders for tasks
  • Please include the ability to turn a chat message or a Post into a task or series of tasks.

Is there somewhere else I can give this feedback?


2 years.

This calendar feature will going to implement?

I suggest google calendar integration

Hi Ryver team!

Our organization is also waiting for the google calendar integration. This is definitely a useful feature for organizations.


due dates are assigned to tasks, a simple calendar view populating those tasks titles would be a game changer for us and Ryver!

Nothing fancy, this view that Trello has would be all that it needs!!