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The new Watch service is available in forums and teams, which supports a bunch of popular news services as well as custom RSS feeds. Twitter didn't make the cut as we are limited on the number of tweets we can stream from our own account. We will be looking into adding connected accounts for users as a separate feature, which would allow you to connect to your twitter account and stream from feeds that you watch there.

You can remove users that were invited, but never joined. Users that have been active at some point can be de-activated. This is consistent with other similar applications on the marketplace.

Hi Darrin - Thanks for checking out Ryver! We don't currently have an export feature exposed. It's something we've planned on doing for a while, as you can tell by the age of this thread, but have ended up putting it off for other features. That being said, now that we are testing our our SAML Single Sign-on support, we're nearing an effort to focus more on the enterprise, and with that will come features such as change tracking and full audit-log export.

For your near-term needs, are you needing that full change history and ability to export all data including any deletions/modifications that have been made? Or would a team/forum-based export option (one at a time) serve your needs?

We finally pulled this service back out of cold storage and are putting the finishing touches on a UI for it. We have begun testing it in-house with hopes to release it in a couple of weeks. We just need to make sure we have it set up to scale properly once everybody starts setting up feeds.

I'm not sure why your zaps are creating duplicates. Did you check to see if perhaps your Google Alert is creating multiple entries for the same topic?

With our RSS watcher, you should definitely just get one entry per RSS feed article.

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have had a few other reports as well, and are looking into this. It seems like a subset of customers have more than one device registration entry in our push notification service. But it's only Android customers.

For those of you who have started seeing the double notifications, have you had Ryver installed on another phone and then upgraded to a new phone?

Thanks for the clarification, Ben. I know you talked to one of our support specialists and they missed that you were wanting the direct assignment, but we do understand this request.

We're still having some internal discussions about the possibility of adding this feature. I know some products support this approach to task creation, while others like Trello keep things completely focused on the shared task boards. We decided to focus on the latter initially, and we still have a few features like recurring tasks, due date reminders, and others we need to complete before we consider tackling a bigger task-related project like this one. But it is definitely on our radar now.

Hi Ben,

I have a scenario for you. When you create a Task Board with categories, in which you can drag to re-order your tasks within each category column, what would you expect to happen when you switch to list view? Would you still expect to be able to drag/drop the tasks in different orders? That gets a bit awkward with the categories.



Hi Ben,

We do highlight the specific topic reply or task comment if you have a notification/reminder on one of those. Note that there was previously a bug with tasks in which it didn't scroll down and highlight the comment, but that was fixed in our update this past weekend.

We were thinking the highlight would be unnecessary for the main topic/task itself if we kept the view at the top and didn't highlight any of the replies/comments. It sounds like you find that a bit too ambiguous and would like to see something more explicit.

For chat, we do plan on a complete update of the chat view so that we can scroll you right to the chat message in the chat room itself, rather than taking you to the separate Chat Archive view. This is a bit of a bigger project, though, so it's going to be a couple months out.